Friday, November 12, 2010

Tomica LVN vs Cherica - Nissan Violet

Nissan Violet Auster is one of the nicest cars ever made in the 70s by Nissan. Maybe the name doesn't ring any bell to younger collectors (or older collectors who just started buying Tomica in last 5 years) . But if you are collecting Tomica Limited Vintage Neo and wanted everything which Tomica release, then you should know what is a Nissan Violet (not that you really want to know what is a Nissan Violet). The car was replaced by Stanza, sounds much more familiar? oh, never mind. The Violet has close relations with Sunny but was supposed to be one level up from Sunny. The Stanza name is long discontinued, so what is the Violet replacement of today? I would think Bluebird/Sylphy but there are also cars that came out of nowhere which believed that they are Violet Auster replacement like Presea, Primera and Cefiro.

Cherica vs Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

Cherica Violet 2dr vs Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Violet 4dr

It's actually unfair to compare the 1973 Cherica with the 2008 Tomica LVN. The Cherica is targeted at kids in the 70s and it was made to be slightly bigger than it's direct rival, Tomica. At 80mm long and scale of 1/52, it's anytime 10% bigger than a Tomica. The LVN on the other hand, targets at collectors who wanted a classic car or road car (mainly from 70s to 90s) but has better details than any regular Tomica. I am hearing people chanting "Tomica Limited" now, if you think Tomica Limited is a toy car of good details or a bettered regular Tomica, I wouldn't and will never agree to that. It's crap! The LVN are standardized to a scale of 1/64 which I think is a good size as compared to the tiny HO scaled cars which I never fall in love with. My first ever Tomica LVN is this Violet shown above. I bought it because it is a Nissan Violet (that's all).

It's a Tomica! Didn't expect the base looks like a regular Tomica but I like it.

Yes, it's Japan made and by Yonezawa too.

Since it's my first Tomica LVN, I decided to "study" it. Actually I had bought Tomica LV before but I didn't really like them. I can understand why the Tomica LVN is more of an adult toy after some "studies". The car is almost flawless (almost), more details build in, just look at the interior. It look like a 1970s Tomica with more additional details. Car is coated with good paint finish, nice rear lamps and detailed white washed tyres with class Sunny style hub caps. The hub caps reminds me of my tutor's ride. He used to ferry me in his '73 Sunny (we are in the 90s then) and the rims looks exactly like this Violet. The Cherica is also a collectible item by today considering that it is more than 35 years old. I don't think you can find any Cherica in eBay (even if you don't mind buying a JUNK Cherica). Cherica is almost non-existant today, I believe I can fetch a handsome price in eBay if I bear to part with it. The Cherica is build like a regular Tomica except that it is bigger.

Nice interior and nice detailing on the body

Although not born to be a detailed toy, that is what I like about about 3 incher toy cars. It's has a kind of charm which is hard for me to explain in words. I used to hate super size steering wheel but now, I find that they look so adorable to me. The ugly rims might not be of my cup of tea but they looked perfectly matched with Cherica.

Cherica or Tomica LVN more collectible? I have to say it's Cherica anytime (for me). For Tomica LVN, it is super good value, it won't dissapoint you if you buy those models you like. I love the Violet so I think this LVN is lovely. As for Cherica, I will try to get any of them if the price is right for me. Feel free to post your comments.


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