Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kombie in Hong Kong

Kombie, a VW Combi Van, is given to me as a gift recently by one of our group members. It's his childhood toy and Kombie is complete mint. I wanted it very much as it used to be my childhood toy (same color variant too) and so I got it as a gift from this friend of mine. He just want the van to go to a good home so in order not to dissapoint him, I treat Kombie really good by taking him everywhere with me.

Kombie waiting the flight with us at the budget terminal.

Kombie believes he can fly so I give him a hand.

It's Kombie's first flight and Tiger Airways delay our flight for 3 hours. Kombie looks into the run way in dissapointment.

Kombie reaches Ken's Garage and plays with the Foreign Series Tomica like himself.

Here's Kombie, he has no "home" (box) so my duty to find him one.

Kombie goes to "Dim Sum" restaurant with us. Playing with the chopsticks while waiting for food to be served.

Kombie find the BBQ pork rips salivating.

Kombie is hungry but he can only watch.

Kombie found his first love in Hong Kong, a Toyota 2000GT.

They come from the same family background. Both are mint loose. Their real car counterpart are born in the 60s too. Only difference is VW from Germany and Toyota from Japan.

Kombie waiting patiently for the ferry to Macau.

Kombie is excited as it's his first trip by sea.

Finally on the ferry and Kombie doesn't need a ticket like me.

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