Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tomica vs Corgi - Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa Special (1965 to 1975)

This Lotus is a super light weight "super car" that weighs around 700kg. It was fitted with a humble Renault engine (1470cc) in its beginning. Engine was upgrade to Lotus Ford of 1558cc and finally a track ready 1594cc engine that puts out 165hp. There is still one Europa in Singapore and this car roams the days of the 60s Thomson Road Rally in our history.

Tomica Lotus Europa, Scale: 1/59, Made in Japan (1977)

Corgi Juniors Lotus Europa, Scale: Unknown, Made in Great Britain (1973)

Early Blister Pack Corgi Juniors

Just to show you the back of the blister pack as it has interesting illustrations

Bought this Tomica in Hong Kong, car appears mint and including the rear plastic hatch. But when I started opening the hatch. the hatch broken and the rear corner of the plastic started disintegrated into small pieces. I gave up the idea and shut it back but was too late. See above picture. Was a little surprise to see the plastic quality failed after 30 years on a Tomica. The Tomica wins on the casting, it is more refine as compared to the Corgi. The Corgi is a little rough although Corgi and Lotus are made from the same country. The Corgi is still packed in the blister but oh my, the paint on the Corgi already started to "corrode". Have to give points to Tomica for overall casting and finish. Forget about the broken plastic, I treat it as an isolate case. Not bias but I think this is not common for Tomica.
Tomica 1: Corgi Jr 0

The infamous Corgi Whizzwheels vs Tomica Button wheels. To be honest, I have never like the Whizzwheels, they are ugly! Need I say more?
Tomica 2: Corgi Jr 0

If not for the ugly corroded gold base of the Tomica, it will be really nice. Corgi base has lesser information and really kept it basic.
Tomica 3: Corgi Jr 0

Although this Tomica suffers from some quality problem (the hatch) but it is still better package in paint, casting, details. I can only agree that Dandy sized Corgi are much better than their Tomica sized Corgi Juniors. Corgi Jr are just to rough and simple.

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