Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomica vs Schuco - Mercedes-Benz 450SE

Mercedes-Benz 450SEL (1975 to 1981)

This month Go! Go! Tomica features the Mercedes-Benz 450SEL. This is what we known as the S-Class of today. There are many variations of the old S-Class starting from 280S to 450SEL. This 450SEL is a 4.5L V8 engine which produces 160KW and maximum torque of 360Nm. Top of the range will be 6.9 V8 engine which produces 210KW and maximum torque of 550Nm. Maximum speed of this luxury sedan goes all the way till 140mph. Around 7000 over units were produced during her 7 years of existence.

Tomica Mercedes-Benz 450SEL, 1/67 (Made in Japan) vs Schuco Modell Mercedes-Benz 450SE, 1/66 (Made in Germany)

If I were to say Schuco Modell is the Tomica of Germany, I believe I will receive many nods around me. Both are quality toys made with passion in the 70s and are quite close in terms of scale. The only difference between Schuco and Tomica is that Tomica is scale down to fit into the standard Tomica sized box while Schuco has a standard scale of 1:66. They look similar sized because the Tomica has a scale of 1:67. The Tomica is packed into a slightly larger than matchbox size box with a beautiful illustration of the content while the Schuco is packed in a clear plastic case with engine specifications of the car. If you were to ask me, I will still prefer the Tomica packaging because of the nice illustration of the vehicle. For Schuco clear case box, it will be really nice to display the model but somehow, I still cannot figure out how to open the plastic case. Tomica wins Schuco by a slight margin.

Tomica 1: Schuco 0

Paint work of the Tomica scores over the Schuco. It's not a matter of the colour used on the Schuco. The green looks good but they used too much or should I say the paint work is too thick on the Schuco. The paint work has a few minor blots too. The Tomica has more colour variations and the paint is better work quality and evenly applied if compared to the Schuco. Tomica scores again here.
Tomica 2: Schuco 0

Both cars have same opening features. In this case, both front doors open. Please take notice at the Schuco that it has an oversized steering wheel and the steering wheel is part of the cast which is quite rare. I actually quite like it even though it is oversized. I will not grant a point for the Schuco because Tomica has done a equally good job on the interior too.

I always stressed that I like the Tomica button wheels but the Schuco "hub-cap" wheels looks even better. This is the standard wheels for Schuco and I should say that the wheels suit almost any car under the Schuco range. It has a more classic feel and "authentic" feel on the Mercedes-Benz. The size of the Schuco wheels is more proportionate too. It could be due to the button wheels are a tad too small and totally disappeared under the "huge" arch of the Tomica.
Tomica 2: Schuco 1

Since paint work was discussed earlier above, let's take a look at the fit quality. I have seen other Schuco Modell fit quality and I would use "superb" or "near perfection" on other Schuco models I have seen so far. I am a little disappointed when I saw this Schuco MB 450SE but it is still better than the Tomica MB 450SEL! Just look at the gaps on the doors and front grill on the Tomica vs the Schuco.
Tomica 2: Schuco 2

The Mercedes is a German car and the Tomica is just a Japanese made German car. So is this home ground advantage? I would say a definate yes in this case. The casting of the Schuco wins over the Tomica. The Schuco looks more Mercedes than the Tomica. It looks more correctly proportioned than the Tomica. Without looking at the front grill, the Schuco looks 100% Mercedes feel and more presence. If viewed from the rear, Hotwheels collectors might mistook the Tomica as a Cadillac or maybe a Toyota Century (if they know what is a Cadillac and a Century). The Tomica might have better defined body lines and cleaner details on its bonnet but I believe the Schuco will not score too far away if better paint was used. The Mercedes badge on the front grill on the Tomica is also a little too big compared to the Schuco.
Tomica 2: Schuco 3

The base of Schuco Modell is always interesting. There is basically engine specification, horse power, max. speed of the car. It is like playing Top Trumps using a toy car instead of a card. For this additional useful information, I am more than willing to give Schuco another point.
Tomica 2: Schuco 4

Schuco is a clear winner here but I do hope to show more Schuco Modell in future as there are better and nicer Schuco models compared to this MB 450SE. Tomica is no loser here but it has just met a stronger competitor. I will not be able to compare Schuco Japanese car as they only made European cars (mainly German cars) in the past. There will be more "face off" coming up but due to commitment in work, I will have lesser time on my blog. I will try to do another this month if my viewers like this "special" series I have done.


  1. "I will try to do another this month if my viewers like this "special" series I have done." Oh, I can assure you, I (we?) like your comparisons! But I know exactly how hard is to find the time for blogging.

    Also as a Matchbox fan, I am happy that you did not put the Matchbox 450SEL to the comparison, because it would be a clear looser here. ;-)

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for your support. I was thinking to put in the Matchbox and Majorette too but their scale is a little weird and of course these 2 makes will definately lost in the comparo. There are actually many makers which make the 450SE but I am choosing only the better ones and only depends on availability of the models. I already have in mind which models to do next and there might also be Tomica vs Tomica or non-Tomica comparos as well.

  3. Great comparative photos and blog, keep them coming Jedi! =)

  4. Hi Jovet, will likely to do another this month. just thinking of what car to do next.

  5. Yes, I agree with you, the Matchbox 450SEL much more looks like the W123 Mercedes... 8-)

  6. Hi Sam, yeah a little as the MB wheels are too big which make the S-Class shrink to E-Class.