Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tomica Collector On Taiwanese TV Program

Found this online when I was randomly going through the website for Tomica. 
Above as part 1 and below as part 2.

I will summarise the interview if you do not understand Mandarin. This collector has been collecting Tomica for 4 years (as of the aired date). He is showing a small portion of his collection as his collection is around 1000 pcs. Most of his Tomica are bought in Internet auction or through friends who travels to Japan. He mentioned that the Tomica Bluebird SSS is made in Japan and 41 years of age. Seriously, the SSS looked more like a gift set car issued in 1999 or 2000 not really a vintage. The TV producer should have make sure all information are accurate before airing the program. His most expensive Tomica are the military vehicles in domestic black box which cost about NT3000.00 (USD100.00). He like to custom his own toy car and making architecture buildings. He likes old buildings and appreciate cultures of Taiwan so he made paper building which is suitable for diorama use. His creation went into production eventually. I bought his creation when I was in Taiwan last year. 

I still keep these paper houses untouched in their original packing because I don't have space to build them for display. As the packaging has Tomica in the cover, I bought them almost immediately. This is the scale I have been looking for since most houses or buildings are HO scale instead.

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