Saturday, January 14, 2017

Best Tomica of 2016

Awards Voted by Go! Go! Tomica Facebook Group
Worst Tomica in Build Quality of 2016
I can see when why this car this was chosen due to its ugly painted headlights and simply this car is unloved by the Tomican public. The Hino Ranger (also unloved) came close, could be due to its plastic shovel and the crane which is unable to extend. The Civic Type R was also high on the list which is not a surprise to me as I pick this car personally for the worst of 2016.

My Favorite Tomica of the Year 2016
There is actually a close fight between the BMW i8 and the NSX which the NSX won by just a whisker. The Toyota 86 was also leading at the initial stage which came of a surprise to me. I would say this is all up to individual preferences.

Cars Saying Good Bye To Round 1
These are cars that are picked by me simple because they are not made what they are used to. Reference point made comparing to Tomica of the good old Japanese days. They are eliminated due to painted rear windows, large portion of windows painted including windows after B-pillar and omission of a feature (suspension is a feature too). Do check out a Japanese made Tomica and you should understand what I am talking about.

For: Nice car, good fit and finish especially the opening rear hatch.
Against: Rear painted window

For: Nice livery of a German police car
Against: Rear window painted even when the hatch doesn't opens

For: It's a nice miniature model of the real car 
Against: Too many windows painted

For: I love road works vehicle
Against: Almost everything

For: I love this van since Tomica hardly made any road car van these days
Against: The rear window although nicely painted.

For: Nice bus with open top
Against: Lower deck side windows are not made with plastic

For: It's a common road car here which will be appreciate by many of their owners
Against: Windows again

For: It made everyone crazy and turn Hot Wheels collectors coming after it too.
Against: Fit and finish, rear painted window, bad paint work especially the white Type R. Should be the worst of the lot.

For: Nice headlights
Against: Painted windows, too much

For: Nice front and headlights
Against: Windows again

For: Love this Tomica more than the real car, good fit and finish
Against: But not nice to see paint over rear window

Cars Saying Good Bye To Round 2

It's usually hard to make a roofless car impressive for any maker into a toy car. Although this is a targa top but simply unimpressive to look at.

I am hardly a fan of the MX5 except the 1st gen and this current generation. I must say Tomica do a better job on this one compared to the 1st MX5 but still not the best among the remaining cars.

I love the Atenza and also the private owner taxi livery but the quality is questionable. I opened it from the shrink wrap and the chrome faded right inside its new packing.

I love ENEOS truck but it's not easy to make a truck impressive especially at this scale.

The only feature that impresses me is the rear ramp. It flips up like a mechanism.

Everything is fine except the truck head looks ugly to me.

I bet there will be a craze if they made a variant ferrying pigs. 

I will only consider letting a "repeat" die cast be included in top if they made a really astounding one. Not for me but surprisingly the Tomicans in my group almost voted it into top 3 but eventually loses steam in the end.

I love the movie Titanic but I wouldn't want to watch it every year. I hope you understand what I am driving at. Beside, the silver one looks better.

I love white cars simply because they are good for customization. It has a revised grill and rear but better to let new casting a chance to win it. Don't you find that there are simply too many variations of Toyota 86 (including BRZ)?

The Winners

3rd Place: BMW I8
Not a fan of this car. It has a real nice front and rear and no major flaws.

2nd Place: Honda NSX
Kind of love this car but I love the looks of the original one more. Much more impressive than it's smaller sibling, the Civic Type R. It should looks good if there is a TL version.

1st Place: Toyota L&F Geneo Forklift
Why not a forklift? I don't know why Tomica are really good in making forklift. It can pass off as a promo vehicle. Usually promo vehicle requested by maker are made of a higher standard. Good job by Tomica. I hope there will be more variants of this Toyota rather than the 86.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Australia Rockhampton 2016

Was away from 22nd October to 5th November as I had to serve my reservist. I was tight up with personal work life till recently. I am more tan which I was told when I am back home. Everything in Australia is nice even the army food. See above example. Did enjoyed my ICT and in fact, it will be the last and final one.

The R&R was same as last year. No surprises for us but still I enjoy the company of my fellow reservist friends.

We went to have a dinner in a nearby restaurant around our hotel. Saw this 70s Australian Ford Falcon. Nice isn't it?

We had steaks, oysters and lambs for dinner. After dinner, I actually bought some wines back to continue our drinking sessions.

I didn't see this Camry before in Singapore.

We don't have the Supra in Singapore either.

We walked all the way to Toyworld to shop for toys. I bought nothing. My friends bought some toys for their kids.

Queensland is so hot that having an ice-cream is really a treat.

This should be the largest Back to the Future vehicle I ever seen, I reckon it is 1/6 approximate. I don't think I will be back to Australia any sooner. Who knows, maybe vacation next time.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Japan October International Gathering

October was a busy month for me as it was a traveling month. First day we landed in Tokyo and meet up our regular Japanese collector friends. These 3 gentlemen are the admin for Tomica Town Neighbourhood facebook group. We had dinner together as usual. Great discussion on our life and hobby we all shared.

This is my "brother" from Japan. We will always try to catch up with each other if I visit Tokyo.

We didn't just stop after dinner. We went to a cafe when Iijima San show us a portion of what he will be selling at the fair next week.

Ok, we bought some from him too for sure. Our objective is to buy Tomica in Japan.

Our ride for this trip is a Honda Shuttle. I choose this for the price and practicality. I kind of like the looks of the car too although I didn't really like the style of the Fit, Grace or Mobilio.

Look! This is what I meant by practical. 4 of us with tons of luggage. I will take this car again next year. Planning another trip soon. This trip is a little special as I am going to places where I have never been before. This is also first time driving to other Prefectures. Really long journey.

Meanwhile in another prefecture faraway. Finally, I get to see the legendary Dome-Zero in its signature colour, Silver.

There is a red one as well. Cool.

This is just a small portion of Tomica in the shop. Cool shop as first time visiting here.

Beside my car, there is a dead stock Silvia S15. It looks stock to me, Japanese people don't really mob their cars crazy like us. I saw many Skyline and Type R are stock to the rims as well. I love stock cars. Hate aftermarket sports rims.

We are going so many places on day 1 that I lost count.

Covered few hundred kilos on day 1. We had our dinner at 11pm in a Chinese restaurant. We were the only customers and the restaurant owner and staff chat us up. They are curious why the 4 of us are travelling together as we came from 3 different countries. We drove back to our hotel which is more than a hundred kilos away. We reached hotel at 3am, I slept at 4am. Driving from 9am till next day 3am with many stop overs. It was tired but we had a lot of fun.
Driving to the toy car event the next day. Only 3 hours of sleep

Upon reaching, Pooh said that he wanted to take photo with this "vintage" van. Ok, it's old for any standard.

Then we found this little Honda Pick-up.

We spoke to the owner and he told us it has a small motorcycle engine of 360cc. This little truck was made in the early 70s.

Classic Toyota Mark II and a Hakosuka Skyline. Ok, and a small Mitsubishi, Ek wagon?

The first Skyline which wear the Nissan badge. 

Toyota Mark II or the Cressida Coupe.

 Me and Larry at the fair. Bought a lot, spent a lot.

 There are around 50 stalls here. Lots of stuff and we are happy with our shopping.

We decided that we had enough. We will leave the fair and continue our drive hunting.

Next day, we drove back to Tokyo. On our way, we went to 5 or 6 different shops to hunt for toys or Tomica.  

Many Tomica hanging on the pegs waiting for us.

We are done for the day. Pump the car up, get ready to return the vehicle before going for our late dinner. In 3 days, we traveled 961km. I am going to beat that on next trip I hope. 

Larry said that Ichiran Ramen is good so we had it near our hotel. The rest of the days, we spent in Tokyo for our usual hunting. See you next year Japan.