Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kahla International - Toyota FT86

Toyota FT86 Special Custom by Kahla International

I came across Kahla International some years ago as I buy my Tomica from Japan frequently. Just some time ago, I saw a set of 370Z in Ken's Garage custom by Kahla. I was interested in the Red Bull 370Z only but Ken is not selling the cars individually. I gave it a miss as I am not prepared to pay premium for Tomica which are not considered "official" by Takara Tomy. Kahla International is a custom shop based in Japan. All the Kahla Tomica are based on existing current release and heard that each design is only limited to 300 pieces. I need someone who knows about Kahla to confirm the actual quantity. I have to say that the tempos are professionally custom to look more than original. I decided to hang on till a Tomica model which I felt is worthy for me to cash on. Last week, I saw a Kahla Toyota 86 and decided to buy my first Kahla Tomica. The Kahla Toyota FT86 arrived from Japan yesterday together with many Tomica. I have the chance to get different designs of custom Toyota FT86 while I was in Wonderland in Yokohama last December but I was too engrossed with vintage and rare toy cars you can't get in Singapore and some are  hard to come by even in eBay. I could have completed my variant collection in December (minus the TL Toyota 86 as it was just launched the day before Wonderland) but honestly speaking I was having second thoughts then, measuring between custom new toys and vintage rare cars. This FT86 is nice but I still prefer the Red Bull 370Z. Will I buy another Kahla? Why not? But, selectively.


  1. Hey guys,
    Interesting blog! Could you please tell me when the next Wonderland Market in Tokyo will be and where it will be held?