Friday, February 8, 2013

My Tomica Memories - Wind-Up Pump

I found this while I was doing my toy car hunting in Tokyo last December. I had one when I was 5 or 6 and it is one of my most played with toys.

I did not know that there are 5 different toys in this series. I will have to get the other 4 to complete my collection.

This is an accessory in the Tomy Tomica series years ago. I can't remember who bought this for me and I don't have the box as well. I thrown all my boxes after getting the contents in it, I believe most of you did the same too then. Pumping petrol in the kiosk is always a fun experience for me whenever my father refuelled his car. Fun as I am allow to buy candies in the mini mart at the kiosk. The station would also give out free gifts if there was a promotion, we had toy cars, Esso Tiger coin bank and stuff I can't recall. This toy enables me to drive my Tomica for refueling. It is a fascinating toy for me then because it is a wind-up toy and in the mean time there is a "ON-OFF" button. "ON-OFF" button (to me then) is only found on battery operated toys. This is one unique feature which toys today don't make anymore. I realised that most Tomica accessories such as their town set even till today, Tomy still tried to instill some fun into their toys. I almost wanted to buy a town set today but it's Chinese New Year now. I should be clearing my old stuff and not buying more new ones.

The Mini Cooper is not included in the package. Just took one from my collection to revive my good old memories playing with this toy pump.

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