Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nissan Tiida / Latio

Special Edition Tomica released by Tomica and Nissan in 2009.

Made in China, Scale 1/60

This is not a regular release Tomica. You can't buy it off the shelve.

I believe many Latio owners in Singapore who are reading this by now wanted one too. It was a total sold out few years ago.

Tomica Nissan Tiida set released by Nissan in 2009.

I believe Nissan has close relationship with Tomica. They have been producing factory visit free gift in special colour / box for most Nissan models. Tomica also produced Nissan Atlas which is not a regular release. Beside Tiida produced in multi colours, there are the Cube and the Note in a set of 8 as well. I have asked my friend in Japan to help me on these Tiida sets in 2009 but I was too slow. All sets are snap up almost immediately. It was retailed by Nissan Japan for 7000yen per set and the price appreciate fast within very short time. If you are lucky, you might be able to find some loose pieces in Japan. The loose cars are usually priced from 1800~3000yen today but most are 2500yen and above. If you see one selling at 2000yen, grab it. 1 down, 7 more to hunt.


  1. I hope that Tomica change those ugly rims ...

  2. Hello, I am looking for this diecast, do you have? how much with shipping to USA or to Colombia (South America) I am very interested