Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yonezawa Diapet

I just bought one lot of Yonezawa Diapet recently. Not revealing how much I spend but these 5 Diapet should worth minimum 60 Current Tomica or 100 Hotwheels (based on retail price in Singapore) gauging on the collector market. Friends do ask me if I am willing to take 100 Hotwheels in exchange for these 5, my reply? "I wouldn't even consider even you give me 1000 pieces". The reason is simple. You can get Hotwheels almost anywhere but not Diapets. I can buy 1000 pieces of Hotwheels anytime but I can't buy 10 pieces of Diapet at one time. I mean how? The current Diapet are not being distributed here not to mention rarity of the old ones, not if you go Japan to buy them.
Being a Tomica collector, I am kind of ashamed to say that I have more Diapet than Dandy. Yonezawa Diapet came into the scene in 1965 while Tomica Dandy is 7 years late in 1972. I have yet to own a 60s Diapet as they are too expensive to buy, besides, I like the 70s Japanese cars better. If you like Japanese cars in Dinky scale, I would recommend Diapet rather than Dandy. Diapet actually produce more cars (Japanese or Foreign cars) as compared to Dandy and many models are much interesting compared to Dandy. Okay, I do understand that Dandy is a sub-line of Tomica. It's equivalent of Cherica being produced to give Tomica a run for the money (but failed). Perhaps I will do a comparo between Diapet and Dandy one day.

Diapet Standard Clear Window Box

One side showing dimensions of the car

This is how a 70s Diapet packaging looks like. The car is wrapped around with a piece of sponge material protecting the car. It does surprise me that the spongy material still look new or intact after all these 30 to 40 years. If you have the Schuco Modell (1:66), you will understand what I mean. Some of my Schuco "sponge" does disintegrate as there are bits and pieces which I just thrown the little fragments away keeping just the car and display box.

Isuzu Gemini 1800

Bonnet, boot and doors open. All Diapet front seats able to incline. This Isuzu has a sunroof that opens.

Toyota Carina 1600SR Coupe

Bonnet, boot, doors does what they should do.

Mazda Cosmo Coupe

Engine compartment, trunk, doors able to open.

Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 2000

All opens except rear doors. Press suspension of front wheels to push lever up allowing some assistance for bonnet to open.

Toyota Century

I just can't lift the bonnet up. Too new and got stuck? Rear doors open too. This car is the heaviest of the lot here.

It will be last session of May flea market tomorrow till another months later. I will put these 5 up in my showcase to spice things up. I will let them go to a good collector if the price is right.


  1. When I was a kid, I had an RC buggy - actually I still have it. It was eating lot of AA batteries... I still remember the huge sticker on the controller, saying "Yonezawa Wavehunter". I never thought that I will hear that name again. Of course I did not know anything about the company at all, so I had no idea about their diecast products. I have to admit, these are great. Congratulations!

  2. Hi, I also collect Diapet. I have a couple of models to buy or swop. Interested?