Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TOMY Car Transporters

I love transporters and enjoy watching cars being transported in them. I also enjoy watching cars being transported by Ro-Ro but I don't think any toy maker will make them due to the size. Maybe with exception of Tomica and Matchbox which made Ferry boat transporting people and cars to outer islands from the main land. I shall review some transporters made by Tomy.

Tomica Dandy Hino Tractor
Scale: 1/60
Length: 10 inches / 256mm
Made in Japan
Diecast Metal with plastic

Able to push car from lower deck out from transporter

Loading cars to upper deck

Total cars able to hold: 5

Tomica Isuzu Car Carrier

Scale: Unknown, Approx. 1/60

Length: 9.25 inches / 235mm

Made in Japan

Battery Operated

Plastic Toy Truck

Movable part on top deck for allowance purpose

On/Off Switch on right side of truck

Truck uses 2 AA size batteries and I just realised that it can function with just one AA size battery

Loading cars onto the upper deck

Cars fully loaded now and ready to go

Total cars able to hold: 5

TOMY Auto Transport

Scale: Unknown

Length: 17.25 inches / 440mm

Made in Singapore

Battery Operated

Plastic Toy Truck

TOMY did have factory in Singapore in the 80s. I do have some other toys made in Singapore.

This truck is fun and it operated like a remote control toy but not so "remote" as you have to "tag-along" with the truck to control it.

Lift the catch to release the prime mover

Loaded 8 cars in upper deck, so how many cars can it hold?

Load some more cars in the lower deck

Total cars able to hold: 14


  1. can you give me more info on the last truck that has the push buttons on the top to make it go.I have 1 but mine does not say tomy on it.It just says made in singapore.Thanks

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  4. They released that Tomica Isuzu Car Carrier in multiple giftsets until the 2000s (from what I have found on the net.

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