Monday, May 23, 2011

F29-1-17 Volkswagen Microbus

Wow!!! Kombie found a "home" finally. Kombie has been going round the world with me since August 2010 staring from Hong Kong to recent Athens, Greece. I always wanted to get Kombie a box but it's not easy.

I like to thank a friend for letting go Kombie to me last year. It was his childhood toy but he doesn't like vans. I wanted to collect all my childhood Tomica or toys that I had once. We had a green Microbus when we are young. Although it's not my toy (it belong to my brother) but I like it very much then and I guess it was thrown together with a bag of toys which most parents will usually do. The original Kombie we had was gone somewhere in the 80s. I am thinking of retiring Kombie to avoid it getting lost in a foreign land.

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