Saturday, June 11, 2011

Withdrawal Syndrome?

I am referring to the flea market our group had on a 3 to 4 monthly basis. My display case continues to display some of my cars before the next "season" starts. About this display case, I bought it in Tokyu Hands in 2010. For the sake of bringing in this display case, I bought a trolley as well because the display was sold in CKD form and the box is HUGE. My room is in a mess, gotta to pull those hand brakes on my toy shopping. I am hoping for the next season to arrive soon so that I can slow down the growth rate to avoid over population. The population growth and population density is becoming more and more Singapore. Small room, huge population and continuous influx of foreign imports. With little storage and shelves, I have to crack my head to free up some space before I vote myself out of the room like my friend, Pooh. My "foreign talents" are mainly Japanese, the others staying here are Germans, English, Italians, French, Spanish, Greeks, Koreans and many more. There are also a huge population of Chinese-born-Japanese who are permanent residents in my room while 10% of these are transiting through my room to the flea market. Not too long ago, Vietnamese-born-Japanese arrived too. There are the Thai-born-English who came in numbers within a short period but for the past 1 year, I managed to resettle more than half of them. What about the Malaysian-born-Americans? They are used for "transition" only because my little state doesn't really welcome them. Where are the Singaporeans? I do have couples of them but population stay low at less than 20. I am trying to get more Singaporeans but they are really rare breed out there. Some of them are staying in prime areas in my room. Anyone like to deport some Singaporean Mandarin to me? Text me please.

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