Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pooh in Koon Kee

Last month was our Pooh's birthday and we went to a restaurant, Koon Kee, to have a little gathering. The restaurant is owned by a VW enthusiastic fan who does restoration of the Beetle. I also saw that he has a VW Micro Bus and an old Porsche 911 in front of the restaurant.

Koon Kee is filled with old and antique stuff we do not see today. Most items on display are related to VW, Porsche or Vespa. There are also some toy cars too. According to Ah Hai (the restaurant owner), you can buy anything in the shop as long as the price is right.

Some old photos and advertising posters on display in Koon Kee.

Pooh is the busiest person on that day. He was everywhere in the restaurant checking on every corner.

Remember this wrapper? If not, please refer back to my posting in December last year.
Step 1: Look for the opening on the present.
Step 2: Rip the wrapper off and anxiously look at the prize.
Step 3: Pose for the camera and smile.
Step 4: Faint after knowing it is chocolate instead of honey.

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