Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tomica Shop at Skytree Tower

Been wanting to visit Skytree Tower but since we can see it from Asakusa, I give it a miss last year. I am back this year to visit Skytree at a nearer distance and the Tomica shop at Skytree too.
Plarail Shop is always alongside with Tomica Shop.

Here is the "dreams" of local collectors for worshipping purpose. The Tomica card in Skytree and Tokyo Station is totally different and I have to apply another one. There is no factory Tomica in Skytree but they have certain special Skytree edition Tomica here.
I am only keen in "customizing" my own Tomica at Skytree. Caught in the act of playing with colour pencils and crayons.

Finished product of my first custom truck.

Right side of the truck.

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