Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mega Web & History Garage

After visiting the Tokyo Motor Show, I think it is also interesting to visit the History Garage in the Mega Web as it is just a station away from Tokyo Big Sight.

There is one whole fleet of super cars on display at the Mega Web.

Gazoo Racing has a shop at the Mega Web too.

I didn't really check out Mega Web as my intention is to visit the History Garage. I did take pictures of the real life Tomica in Mega Web though.

The Ferris Wheel at the Mega Web which allows you to have a bird's eye view on Tokyo Bay.

After some walking, we reached History Garage.

A VW Samba bus welcomes us near the entrance.

Mazda Cosmo, a car that bring Mazda brand name up and it was also a MAT car in one of the Ultraman series.
Nissan Fairlady Z432 PS30, I love all classic Fairlady.

Subaru 360 aka the Lady Bug.

It's a Hakosuka! First generation of GT-R.

Toyota 1600GT RT55, it's a very rare car which only 2200 units are produced. It looks like a Corona to me especially from the front view.

Toyota Celica Liftback TA27, it's a liftback version of the TA22. Pretty rare for me as I hardly or never seen any in Singapore.

Toyota Soarer first generation. Japanese car produced in the late 70s to early 80s have a very classic Japanese feel which I couldn't explain. Probably early Japanese cars are shrunk down examples of Americans or European cars. Soarer has upgraded to Lexus today.

This is the great grand father of the Toyota Crown, a first generation of Toyopet Crown RS20. Can you imagine the first Crown is the size of today's Vios and powered by a 1.5 litre engine which produces not more than 50hp.

Porsche 356 is the first production vehicle by Porsche and it shared many parts with the VW Beetle.

All time classic Japanese super car, the Toyota 2000GT. The convertible version was used as a Bond car too but only 2 units were built for the movie.

Most beautiful Jaguar of all times, the Jaguar E Type. It is so beautiful that Nissan and Toyota made a Japanese version. See Fairlady and Toyota 2000GT. The good thing about Japanese is that they use the long nose concept of E Type but they created their own sport car with their own flavour. Very different from the Chinese cars of today which is direct copying without proper licensing.

This is the Vanden Plas Princess. You might have seen it in Austin, Riley, Wolseley guises but this is the most luxurious version I have seen. I love it.

All time French classic snail car, Citroen 2CV. I've seen many of these examples in Germany and Greece of various condition and colour. I still love it for its looks.

It's a cute little Fiat 500. Hardly any survive in Singapore today although it was highly popular in the 60s in Singapore. I've seen a Fiat 600 sometime last year while I was driving in Singapore. I like to feature all cars in the museum but sorry folks, I can only feature a few as it was a busy month for me and I am trying my best to update my blog as soon as possible with little time available. I will do another update hopefully within this week.

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