Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clearing For Space Sales

I have sort out some items I do not want to hold anymore or spares which I am letting go. I will ship free to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Brunei. Buyers from rest of the world who purchase more than $50.00 will get 5% less from total. I am not able to make any comments on my blog which I don't understand why. Any queries, please send email to bonu@starhub.net.sg. All currencies mentioned on this post is in Singapore dollars and all transactions mentioned are to be paid by Paypal. Self collection to transact in cash.

Tomica Lamborghini Reventon First Colour: $12.00
Tomica Lamborghini Reventon Regular Colour: $8.00
Multiples of each available

Euro Short Card Matchbox, some models in multiples, please enquire.
Cars without price tag at $5.00 each.

Normal card Matchbox, one of each. Cars without price tag are at $5.00 each.

Euro card Hotwheels. Multiples available for some cars.

Japanese card Hotwheels. Only last 3 pcs.

Bandai Chara Hotwheels. Multiples available only on $10.00 bike.

Some cars might have multiples, need to check.

Have multiples of all models of the above. Any 3 pcs for $10.00.

Hotwheels Treasure Hunt at $10.00 each.

Siku to let go. Selling individually or all 3 for $20.00.

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