Sunday, July 31, 2011

OEM Siku

I went to a departmental store today and something caught my eye.

Porsche 911 with ugly red headlights, suffers from some quality fumble on the paint. When I bought it, the left door wasn't shut tight and they just spray straight on it without checking thus resulting some exposed bare metal.

Bugatti Veyron which doesn't open doors but it really tempt me to open them with those deep cut lines. In fact, they moved a little but no hinges at all.

Audi R8. Quality good from far and really far from good when viewed up close. Anyway, can't expect much when you are paying peanuts.

Did Siku made a Skyline GTR? I can't really recall. Or it's spun out of a Real Toy? All the cars in this set are pull back cars. Not a surprise as the wheels look very much of a pull back.

Answer revealed. Made by Jin Sheng Hao (who the hell is that????). The scale of 1/64 definately is a mistake here because Siku are 1/55 to my knowledge. See that line of smaller words, "To be highly praised and appreciated by customers". They are telling me to appraise the toys highly and demand me to appreciate these toys whoever buys them? All right, I know what they are trying to make out here but the testimony seems it was self acclaimed. I kind of find this quite amusing and interesting so I bought it.

Lastly, this set of OEM Sikus are made in a place where I don't even know where. Well, at least they are not made in China.


  1. OEM? This is a new term for knocks? ;-)
    Chian... What a nice place! ;-)