Sunday, August 21, 2011

Series #3 - Siku German Coupe

I discovered that new Siku are quite nice to display compared to many other die cast in the market. I will do a post on Siku in near future as I have taken many photos but have no time to post them here. All cars reviewed today are coincidentally red. I find that Siku look fabulous in this colour so I couln't help buying red cars from Siku. All Siku are made to a standard scale of 1/55. Are they to scale? Let's check it out.

Mercedes SLS AMG

Real Dimensions: 4638mm x 1939mm x 1262mm

Measured Dimensions: 84.20mm x 35.40mm

Blown-up Dimensions: 4631mm x 1947mm

Percentage Difference: L (-0.15%), W (+0.41%)

Verdict: Right on Target!

Volkswagen Scirocco

Real Dimensions: 4256mm x 1810mm x 1404mm

Measured Dimensions: 77.80mm x 32.30mm

Blown-up Dimenisons: 4279mm x 1777mm

Percentage Difference: L (+0.54%), (-1.82%)

Verdict: Still within tolerance

Porsche Cayman S

Real Dimensions: 4347mm x 1801mm x 1306mm

Measured Dimensions: 78.55mm x 31.30mm

Blown-up Dimensions: 4320mm x 1722mm

Percentage Difference: L (-0.62%), W (-4.39%)

Verdict: Is it me or the car? Still looks good though

Overall results are quite impressive especially the Mercedes. Width is quite subjective as it depends on where the reference point is taken. All cars managed to get a radius within the 1% range in the length department.

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