Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Series #2 - Tomica New Generation

I do not know if anyone realised that Tomica has shrunk a little to sizes similar to the 70s and early 80s. They have tuned to this direction since the release of Nissan Juke which is a good move in my opinion. Don't you think that Tomica are huge like Siku for some models for the last decade? You may argue that cars today have grown longer, fatter and heavier but some models produced some time back are really oversize. I do agree that the WRX 4 door released in Feburary 2011 is a tad too small. 1/64 might do the car more justice rather than 1/67. I hardly seen a compact sedan been made at this scale, 1/67 should have been for a car whose length from tip to tip measures around 5 metres instead. I have decided the priority goes to the WRX if I were to do a posting on new generation Tomica.

Nissan Juke, Scale: 1/64

Real Dimensions: 4135mm x 1765mm x 1570mm

Measured Dimension: 64.30mm x 27.70mm

Blown-up Dimensions: 4115mm x 1773mm

Percentage Difference: L (-0.48%), W (+0.45%)

Verdict: Quite precise for this Nissan!

Subaru Impreza WRX, Scale: 1/67

Real Dimensions: 4580mm x 1740mm x 1475mm

Measured Dimensions: 68.60mm x 27.10mm

Blown-Up Dimensions: 4596mm x 1816mm

Percentage Difference: L (+0.35%), W (+4.37%)

Verdict: Might be the fat wheel arch.

Suzuki Swift, Scale: 1/64

Real Dimensions: 3850mm x 1695mm x 1510mm

Measured Dimensions: 60.43mm x 27.66mm

Blown-Up Dimensions: 3868mm x 1770mm
Percentage Difference: L (+0.47mm), W (+4.42%)
Verdict: Why smaller cars always appear fat?

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