Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cars Tomica Should Make Part II

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III
This is the missing link for Lancer fans and regret for Tomica I supposed. Tomica has made Lancer Turbo, EVO IV, VII & X. The only maker that made the EVO III is MTECH but it’s in a scale of 1/43.

Figaro (aka Nissan Figaro)
The Figaro has always been my favorite Nissan. It looked like a 1960s car but it’s actually introduced in 1991. Only 20,000 units are made and some units did reach our shores. Although its 1.0 turbo charged but its not a fast car and it has a 3 speed auto transmission. It’s an ideal car to be driven with leisure during weekend. I don’t mind buying one to replace my current ride but its way too rare. Diapet did make the Figaro in the 90s.

Alcyone SVX (aka Subaru SVX)
It’s a very rare Subaru launched in the early 90s. The car most unique feature is the full glass canopy and the styling is very American for a Subaru. The car has a big engine of 3.3 liters considering bigger Subaru are usually 2.0 to 2.5. It is sold as a luxurious sports tourer and strictly a 4 speed automatic. Somehow the car reminds me of a Renault Alpine. There are rumors that Subaru might revive this car but under corporation with Toyota. The end product is said to be the Lexus LFA (Supra Replacement).

Suzuki Swift / Ignis Sport
I personally think that this is one of the nicer Suzuki around for the past decade. My second choice will be the Cultus of the late 80s. How about Kizashi? It’s the first Suzuki mid-size sports saloon. Great car with sporty styling but forgettable. I mean Kizashi will have to fight really well in order to fend off competitions in the battle field. Now back to Ignis. Sold as an Ignis Sport in Singapore and was awarded the most fun car for the least money by many car critics then. The styling of the car is kind of different from other sports hatch. It makes you ponder if it is a sports hatch, mini SUV or a bread van. Closest competitor then was the Daihatsu YRV Turbo which is also featured here.

Toyota MR2 (SW20)
This is not my favorite MR2, my favorite is the AW11 and it has been made by Tomica. I am also considering the Celica of 5th & 6th Generation since Tomica made every generation except these 2 models. Since there is only 1 MR2 model, let’s make another one. Not many cars today are mid-engine, rear wheel drive, seats 2 and available in a non super car price. If I can customize the SW20, I hope Tomica will make a T-bar roof version with retractable pop-up lights.


  1. If you make any you let me know. I have the HW version of the MR2 but it is not as nice as I hope it would be.

  2. don't want, thank you. HW are very ugly