Friday, November 26, 2010

Cars Tomica Should Make Part I

"Do you have a Honda Stream?" This is the most common question I have been asked when I am doing my weekend flea market. I do ask myself on the criteria Tomica is looking at before making into one. I also felt that some models should be made but was not. I will not bring my wish list too far back in time; just 20 years will be enough for me to list out the cars I wish Tomica should make.

Daihatsu YRV Turbo
I heard some people shouting “Kelong”, apologies for those who do not understand Kelong, you may like to check in search engine under Singlish. For friends who know me, they know that this is my ride. Well, not really “Kelong”. I’ll explain a little to support my claim. How many Daihatsu does Tomica make? Some Midgets, Moves, Mira & Copen. Can’t they make something a little bigger like the Boon, Materia or Terios (I do know that they are a specialist for micro cars). They did make the Toyota Passo which is originally a Daihatsu Boon but many thought that it’s Daihatsu who “steal” the design from their parent company. The same goes for the Materia and Terios. There is one car which is supposed to be a prototype which really goes into production, the YRV. Although using the same platform with Yaris but the YRV is a model which Toyota does not have. I also do hope Tomica can make a Daihatsu Boon X4 but unlikely as it is already been made into a Passo. To make the Materia will not be possible too because they will rather make it into a bB (2nd generation). Since YRV is the stand alone model (which is not a Toyota) Daihatsu has made in recent years and a non-Kei car because Tomica has not made a Daihatsu bigger than the Kei-Class.

1st Generation Honda Civic (rear engine)
2nd Generation Honda Civic Country
3rd Generation Honda Civic 3 Doors Hatch
JDM Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic EG6 (5th Generation)
This is one of the more popular Civic of all time so why didn’t Tomica make this? If they made this in the 90s, they could include this into the Initial D gift set. Tomica has made a total of 4 Civics. 1st generation Civic (rear engine) as a 2 door hatchback, 2nd generation Civic as a Station wagon known as the Civic Country, 3rd generation Civic as a 3 door hatchback and 8th Civic as a JDM 4 door sedan Type R. Nobody know why they miss out the 4th to 7th generation Civics.

Infinity G37 Coupe
Tomica has never made an Infinity before. I know they made a Nissan 350GT Coupe (based on Infinity G35) but it’s under the name of Nissan. Since Tomica is making a comeback into US of A this year, why not make this one? It’s a nice car actually.

Isuzu 117 Coupe (One & Only Isuzu Passenger Car)
Isuzu ELF & Many more other commercial vehicles
Isuzu Piazza (Impulse)
I felt that it’s a shame that Isuzu no longer make cars today. Tomica in the past make more trucks, buses, vans, fire engines compared to passenger cars. In fact, Tomica only made one Isuzu car, the 117 Coupe. I would really hope Isuzu can return to the passenger car scene due to their sporting heritage. If you asked me, I would say they are the Japanese Alfa Romeo. Isuzu cars are very European styled and most of their cars are sports salon tuned by Lotus. My favorite of the lot will be the Isuzu Piazza aka Impulse. Don’t you find that it looks a 80s VW Sirocco? The very last of Isuzu which see the daylight in Singapore is the Gemini (reminds me of a Tercel because of its short tail).

Lexus LFA
Tomica never made a Lexus except for the equivalent of LS series and Soarer. Strange enough, the only Lexus made is under the Tomica Limited branding. The LFA should be a Soarer / Supra replacement and the specifications of the car look really much superior to the Supra in the early 90s. Tomica has been making Soarer and Supra and they are always in my collecting list. I have a feeling that Tomica might make this car in 2011. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomica has made these 323 but missed a few generations
Mazda 323 Familia Astina
I think that this is the most beautiful 323/Familia of all time. The new “M3” is nice but somehow has lost some identity. The Astina sports a pop-up head lamps and a svelte rear. This car is popular in the 90s but I was too young to buy one then because I am still schooling then. I don't think I will buy one now too because most cars of that era are not in pristine condition and I am not ready for occasional hiccups from my car. The only company that made this car is Yonezawa Diapet. Good choice.

Part II coming up. Stay tuned.


  1. Tomica will release the Civic hatch in a few months time. BTW I was in Singapore yesterday.

  2. Hi Brian, you mean the 5dr Civic Hatch or the Euro Type R? Oh...you should have contact me... back in Japan?

  3. Tomica also made the Nissan Skyline aka Infinity G35 Sedan in street and police trim.

  4. yeah, so i meant that they never made an Infinity officially

  5. The 1990's Civic will be out as a bnew TL, the same Civic in your blog, the silver car, first photo. @ door hatch to be released soon.

  6. Your's are all great choices, and the photoshop'd pics are very good. As it has been said, the Civic is coming as a TLV-N, I know you prefer regular Tomica but I'd take the TLV-N. From your suggestions, my favourite is the Piazza. I'd like Tomica to had made a Suzuki Carry as a closed van in addition to the pickup.

  7. Brian, I didn't know that till you point it out. So i think TLVN will target at what regular Tomica has been missing out.

  8. Hi Viva Chile, thank you. I am surprised that someone will like the Piazza. It's a very nice car indeed. I might be making a F-Series soon but not photoshop as quite time consuming.

  9. Tomica should make the 1990's Toyota Carina E that we had in Europe and the Honda Concerto/Rover 214 and the 1995 - 2001 Honda Civic/Rover 400 that we had in Europe.

  10. Tomica should have also made the nice looking 1990's Mazda 323 hatchbacks.