Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spot the Tomica Contest

I always love car chase or car pile up scene. This is one of my favourite scene although a little too exaggerating. Another of my favourite is the Alarm Für Cobra, a German TV series. The clip shown above is a movie being filmed in Hong Kong which featured quite a number of old Japanese cars. Can you spot the Tomicas in this 1 minute pile up? The fastest entry to submit your entry by 31st December midnight (Singapore Time) will get a Tomica Nissan Juke as a token of appreciation.

Rules & Regulations:

i. Able to spot 5 Correct Tomica per entry. However, the entry with most correct Tomica submitted wins the contest.

ii. Different body variants from Tomica is not accepted. Example 2 doors, 4 doors etc

iii. Based only on regular Tomica, Tomica Limited Vintage not accepted

iv. Specific on car model. Not just Toyota Corolla but Toyota Corolla AE92

v. Contest open to anyone

vi. Late submission not accepted

vii. One entry per person

viii. All entries to submit to bonu@starhub.net.sg

Updated: 14.01.11

Someone did win this contest and he is from USA. Car will be send to you by mail.

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