Monday, December 27, 2010

Rubbish Edition Tomica for My Birthday (From Pooh)

We have a meet up on my birthday and Pooh Bear asked me if he look like someone as he asked me to take this photo.

This wrapper was used on 16th April (Pooh's birthday) this year. I purchased a Hotwheels Ferrari 430 from my cousin's shop as a birthday present for Pooh but its actually a teaser, not the real present. The real present to Pooh was a Diapet Tadano Crane. Pooh said that he will reused the same wrapper on my birthday (which I actually forgotten about what he said and was tricked too).

This is the present in the wrapper which I thought is a Hotwheels but it's a "blister pack" Tomica with its original box.

We call this a "Rubbish" Edition Tomica 1 pcs made only. This "handmade" edition is meticulously detailed, see the bottom right "001/001" and bottom left Age 3+ above above.

Back of card has the trademark and logo of Pooh Bear. Although this is not the real present but it took a lot of effort to make this. I like it very much and thank you, Pooh. The real present is a Dri-Fit Cap. The wrapper will be reuse on 16th April 2011, time for me to crack my head.

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  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy the blister packed rubbish Tomica. I got something for you, but will pass to you later. Cheers and enjoy.