Friday, November 19, 2010

Tomica Nissan Skyline

This is a Skyline sold in USA as an Infinity G35. I took no notice of this car until I got the one issued by Nissan. This Nissan issued Tomica was originally in my flea market stall waiting for the right person but eventually nobody did. As time passes, I grew more and more on this Skyline and I took it off from the shelve to keep it under my collection. What's the difference between the regular Skyline and this Nissan issued Skyline. Well, this special edition is a commemorative car when you visit the Nissan plant in Japan. I do not know if this is a free gift but it is consider rare if you compare to the regular issue.

Comparing the front and rear view of these 2 cars. I can't find any difference on the detailing.

Side profile is similar too. The only difference is the colour, special edition is dark metallic gray while the regular is Matt black. The special edition car paint work is really nice. Are they using real car paint on this car which is what I am wondering. I hope so but it remains a mystery.

If there is not much difference, why am I keeping this car? Well, I have to say that this is really a nice car overall.


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