Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomica from Jordan

Recently I got myself 18 pieces of Tomica from Jordan, a country in Middle East. I didn't know that Tomica ever get to Middle East in the 80s (or 70s). Thanks to Raed for the offer. There are a total of 108 pcs but I couldn't get all 108 pcs because I will not have enough storage space and I do not have a shop. In order to help Raed to clear all, I ask a friend in Hong Kong if he wants to take the balance. Hong Kong collectors, you are in luck and you should know who to look for. These are the same Tomica range as your Uruguayan Tomica in Toyzone so you might be dissapointed if you happen to have these.

I got 6 of each model and they are packaged in Tomica factory box. These are stored in a toy shop in Jordan and discovered recently according to my friend. Old new stock.

I actually wanted to offer to followers of my blog but I have sold 4 sets in just one day before I managed to post here. I am selling at a price so attractive that some regular customers of mine who don't keep trucks don't mind getting a set from me too. I am keeping a set and only last set so not offering any more. I just like to share this with you guys.

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