Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Japan Winter Tour 2015

This is my 2nd toy car shopping trip of 2015. This time was a little special because I chose to stay near to my friend's shop. Everyone should know by now who is Ken-Box after my super duper bombarding their shop in my Facebook group. The couple (Ken-Box) requested me to stay near either their home or their shop. I chose the latter as I can meet them easier in the shop and it is nearer to the station as well. They have a party held for me (I guessed) because it was supposed to be 22nd Dec but was brought forward to 17th Dec because I am leaving on 22nd Dec. This is the first time visiting their home. We have food, drinks (alcoholic) and make merry. It was a pleasant one of course.

We shopped for toy cars days before the event and finally the day arrived. We went in as exhibitor and the above photo shows that we are queuing to go into the event hall. We are excited as we see the whole operation of the event as we usually queued up to go into event. 

First to arrive was a old Fiat 500.

Starting to set up Ken-Box stall.

All cars finally arrived. Old American muscle cars, was hoping to see classic Japanese cars but these are nice cars too.

As usual, there are many Tomica up for sale.

And a little of other toy cars here and there.

Lunch time and my 2 friends from Japan brought us to eat Ramen Jiro. It's Atsushi San who has been wanting to bring me eat in this shop since last trip in June this year.

I ordered a small ramen and it turns out to be so huge and my friend ordered a large one. Can't imagine how enormous his noodle is.

No Skyline but Primera is fine. Atsushi San has a few classic Skylines.

A day before returning home. This is the most dreadful part, to pack into my luggage. I even had 2 big box ship back by Ken-Box. These took me 4 hours to go into my bags.

Ken-Box brought us to Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku for dinner. The display is fantastic because there are many toy cars in different jars.

We took a group photo to capture moment of our friendship.

On returning, ANA actually upgraded me to business class. It was really a luxury for me and this trip is one of my best. See you again Tokyo in 2016.


  1. Hi, I am Tomica Fan.
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  2. Hi Boro, thank you for your good compliments.