Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Australia Rockhampton

Going to Australia is something I wished for since young because of the Koala. As age catches up, I don't feel I have the urge to visit Australia and I turn more to Japan instead. Ironically, first time to Australia and it is for my reservist. Our unit attached me to another unit and only 13 of us are chosen. I don't know if I should say "lucky" because to be pick among few hundreds for only 13 spots is not easy. Surprisingly, army food in Australia seems to be the best comparing my NS & reservist life. The food in Taiwan during my 2013 reservist is a nightmare that I patronized the canteen daily.

Here is another example for my favorite dish, there is lamb chop and mushroom soup.

I found a small Australian lizard and I kept it as a pet for a day before I released it at the canteen.
These are the wildlife in Australia. Kangeroos or Wallabies are everywhere. I can also see a few from the resort hotel room where I stay.

We also visited a zoo and this is the first time I came so close to a peacock.

The Kangeroos here will come to you instead if you got food.

Finally, this is the creature I always wanted to meet since young. She is adorable and I did touch her fur. The fur is so thick and I don't know how they survive in the hot weather.

I love this Land Cruiser. Really old school.

There are many FJs here. If your eyes are sharp enough, another FJ in behind the beige one.

More Toyota FJs in the Toyota Showroom.

First time custom build my own burger in McDonald. I must say it taste good.

Not the most beautiful beach I have seen but this is definitely nicer than Singapore. Haha.

I did my part in toy car hunting as usual. No Tomica, just Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Welly. The Welly are really cheap at a dollar but I didn't buy them. I bought many Matchbox and a few Hot Wheels. Found some 90s HW in a shop.

During my 3 weeks stay in Australia, I made some new friends along the way. This might be the first time I like and appreciate reservist because it let me rethink what I want to do for in the near future. I will take some course probably before the year end after my return to Singapore. Bye Yeppon, Bye Rockhampton, See you again Australia.

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