Monday, March 11, 2013

Go! Go! Tomica First Gathering

Go! Go! Tomica had the first official gathering on 9th March 2013 which is 4 years after start of my blog. The main attraction is not me for sure but Ken of Ken's Garage from Hong Kong.

Ken: 开台喽。。。
Josh was too excited that he jumped up from his seat.
Michael and Pooh tried to remain calm by taking one last sip of their drink.

Everyone started attacking on the Tomica in a friendly manner. Tomica collectors are usually cool and calm.

Pooh: 碰! 

Pooh: 我再碰!

Pooh: 碰。。。碰。。。 碰。。。

Yinseng: 我也碰。。。。

Josh: 我糊了。。。十三么。。。

This is the most expensive car in this gathering.

Because it is a Made in Hong Kong Nissan Cedric.

Boss doing his job. 

First gathering group photo. About 80 out of 150 Tomica goes to a good home that night. Looking forward to have another gathering soon.

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