Thursday, March 14, 2013

Toyota 86 RC

My Tomica Toyota 86 RC has finally arrived. This edition is produced in limited numbers. There are only 3000 pieces available and you can't buy them off the shelve. These 3000 cars are given to collectors in the form of lucky draw. If you want one (or two), you will need to buy from those who won it in the draw. Many of these collectors who won it will likely not sell their prize since they are collectors and this is a hard to get Tomica.

After the draw is conducted towards the end of February, there were around 20 units available in Yahoo auction as these sellers who won it decide to exchange for cash through auction instead. I was lucky to get mine early as the price is crazy now. There are almost none in the auction site now. Within a span of 2 weeks, the price doubled and I believe that there is still room for the price to appreciate.

The irony is, 86 RC (Racing Configuration) is the cheapest model in the entire 86 range. It is a total stripped down model for racers who prefer to custom their 86 as a track car. In the Tomica 86 range, this is the most expensive at the moment. The Gazoo 86 version might surpass the RC as you will need to do a survey online in order to qualify for the draw. Only 50 pieces will be given to the public during the 3 month campaign. One main physical difference of the RC from the regular release is the omission of spoiler. The RC has no spoiler since it is a basic 86. I think that blacken button wheels suits this model better since the actual car has black steel wheels. I am glad to own 2 units and this might be the only 2 units in Singapore. Any others who bought and brought this car out of Japan? Share with me where you come from.

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