Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kombie in Japan

It has been some time since I last posted on my blog. I was on vacation and Kombie went along with me too. Although this is my 4th time to visit Japan but Kombie only came into my life months after my 3rd visit to Japan 2 years ago. It was a Sunday, my 4th day in Japan. This scene was taken after my visit to Wonderland Market, a toy car event which I attended in Yokohama. We spend hours in the toy event with much exhaustion after the event so we took a stroll in Yamashita Park along Tokyo Bay.

We decided to visit Motomachi Chukagai (Chinatown) in Yokohama which is just round the corner. We are famished and had our dinner in Chinatown.

The next day, we went to Gotemba Premium Outlet in Shizuoka. My objective is to take some photos of Mount Fuji but I am so unlucky. It was raining and I can't even see the silhouette of the mountain. It was supposed to be in the direction where the bus is parked. At least I did bought some stuff I like in Gotemba or it will be a waste trip. 

On Tuesday, we took a train to Onarimon Station and walk towards Tokyo Tower. We started taking pictures from far.

We saw a nice temple and took some pictures as well since it is on the way towards Tokyo Tower.

We walked for about 10 mins from the station to reach Tokyo Station. We just want to take a glimpse of the tower at closer ranger.

 There is a nice natural reserve beside the Tokyo Tower.

We went to Asakusa on the same day.

As usual, Asakusa is packed with people.

You can actually see Tokyo Skytree from Asakusa.

How Tokyo Skytree looked at night. We will be going home on Wednesday (the next day) so need to take an early night rest for as the Airport Express Bus leaves 0650hrs sharp. I will update more of my toy car shopping in Japan once I have the time.


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