Friday, October 26, 2012

The Different Prices of Siku

I started collecting Siku last year after I bought some 80s Siku models in Greece. Within a year, I managed to get various Siku of different eras from the 60s to current series. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Germany on a regular basis so to get an old Siku isn't too much of a task. When it comes to the current ranges of Siku, I will usually grab one current German made (usually trucks) from the departmental stores in Germany as I get savings as much as 50%.

I bought this German made 2700 series ADAC truck set (Hummer is China made) in Germany for 21.99 Euro while Singapore is selling for SGD$69.90. You will not be able to find a German made easily in our local stores as well because the cost is much higher for retailers to pay for. You pay lesser for a car carrier loaded with cars on it and most parents goes with "quantity" rather than "quality".  As for the 0800 to 1400 series single pack cars, I usually buy just a few pieces in Germany because the price is higher than Singapore. In Singapore, we have only 2 pricing at SGD$3.90 (0800~0900 series) and SGD$5.90 (1000~1400 series). I saw that the pricing for Siku in Germany is slightly different. The 0800~0900 series are in the same price level which is totally understandable because they are basic cars. What really puzzle me is the 1000 series, 1300 series and 1400 series having different prices. The retail prices of Siku in Germany are different as well, some shops or departmental stores can be cheaper by 0.50 Euro for the single cars.

I did a comparison on all my current Siku from the 1000~1400 series but I just couldn't find a reason why a 1400 series should cost more than a 1000 series car. In fact, I think that some 1000 series cars are better made than some 1400 series. Take the Porsche Cayenne for example, the rims looked more proper than those in the 1400 series which are left "uncut". The Porsche Cayenne has opening doors too, it seems nothing is compromised in the quality as well. The Porsche is bigger in size than TT Coupe or VW Golf anytime. Can someone who knows about their pricing strategy enlighten me?



  1. "I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Germany on a regular basis so to get an old Siku isn't too much of a task." Blessed indeed, I wish I can say so my self. :D I will be posting my very few Siku from germany as well soon. As always great hauls!


  2. What I saw was that there was a difference in attention to detail and the wheel quality between them. Also, when I got my kid a blue BMW it's doors would open too easily... you would just need to tilt it and the door would open.

    You can check out my kid's small but growing collection of Siku toys at Siku Toy Cars. I've gotten him some traffic signs as well which are simply amazing! And a fire station from the Siku World collection and it is pretty good... gonna have to take a photo or two of it and post it and review it in the article.