Saturday, October 6, 2012

Germany 2012 Part 2 - Diecast Shops

Kay picked me up from my hotel on a Saturday morning as he is bringing me to shop for toy cars. First stop will be "Dream Car" which he has been telling me about since last year. 

Dream Car is for enthusiasts who enjoy detailed model cars. The shop is much larger than any minicar shop in Tokyo. 

There are glass cabinets every corner of the shop which are filled up with model cars.

The variety of 1/18 scaled models is quite a feast.

1/18 Fiat Multipla in different guise.

These are the Porsches used to be my dream cars when I was a kid especially the 928.

Mix of Ferrari, Ford, Mini, Porsche etc.

James Bond movie cars. I could have bought some but I try to keep to 3 inches.

If you like HO scale cars, there is a wide variety as well.

There is also a corner for people who are into vintage toy cars. This is seriously for me and I did find something interesting here.

I pick a car here, wanted the Tekno Saab 99 very much but it is too much for me.

There are tons of toy car and car catalogues. I didn't have much time to go through them.

Andrea (I hope I got the spelling right, if not, oops), the owner of the shop, offered me really good deal for the Hot Wheels. I can resell these in Singapore since I am totally zero fans of Hot Wheels.


I am feeling all excited already. Been waiting for 2 weeks since touch down to Germany. I should exhaust my wallet here but I still need to hold at least 500 Euro for the next 1 week in Germany. 

I didn't had breakfast or lunch that day. Wolfgang serve me trays and trays of toy cars to fill my hunger. There are so many trays that I can't show all of them here or the thread will be over flowing.

This message is for Poohgy, get your fingers rolling and your eyes straining on these vintage Matchbox. These are better deals than stocking up Hot Wheels and multiples Tomica of the same models.

More Matchbox and these are older. I am served with at least 10 trays of vintage Matchbox.

If you like Spanish die cast, here are some of the Mira.

There are also many trays of old Majorette. I like them and I picked a few.

Different brands of cars. Can you recognise any of them?

Kay join in the fun. 

I have only a few Gamas in my collection. Should I start?

For people who love Land Rover.

Promo Volkswagen which never fail to charm me.

Rico remote control Mercedes Benz. It's too huge for me.

I bought more than 100 cars in Germany. It's always fun to release them. Tune in for more updates. I should update on my hauls within the next 2~3 days.


  1. wow great shops! In the city were I live there's only one shop, but they do not have but modern cars. I can see there thousands of older cars 80s, 70s, 60s and before.

    Thanks for the picture with the spanish cars... they are not Mira, but Guisval. 12 Euros for those boxed cars is not a bad price, although those models are relatively recent, and have plastic chassis.

    Also interesting is the Rico Mercedes. I also have one of those, just slightly more modern, with siren and cable controlled (police). I will show it sometime.

    I wish I could see in the picture the price tags. The red ones are difficult to read.

    What did the custom police told you about >100 cars when you returned home? :)

  2. Those pictures just really made me drool. Thank you very much for sharing! I will wait for the pictures of the cars that you've purchased. :D

  3. This looks like heaven for me and my kid :). Unfortunately here in Croatia Tomica diecast toy cars are super rare and you can't get them in shops. This is why I don't mention them in my diecast car article called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars.

  4. Hi, I want to know when the next toy show from wonderland is in year 2015

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