Thursday, October 4, 2012

Germany 2012 Part 1

Once again, trip to Germany which is almost a yearly event for me. This should be the longest trip ever to Germany, setting off from 2nd September and returning back on 21st September. Our itinerary will be Hamburg for first 2 weeks. On the third week we will drive from Hamburg to Elsfleth to visit some customers and check into a hotel in Bremen on the same day. The next day, we will drive from Bremen to Leer. The rest of the trip will be fully in Bremen for a day before we head our way back to Singapore.


I have been telling my friends that Germany isn't what they imagine to be "that" expensive. In fact, Singapore is more expensive now mainly due to the weaken Euro. If you dine in a restaurant, the price is about 20% lower than Singapore. If you like Hugo Boss or Longchamp (even Prada), you will get a saving of 50% or more depending on what you buy. If you are looking for a coffee machine, all models are half price as compared to Singapore. My boss bought a Delonghi at just Euro 125.00 and 750 coffee capsules at just Euro 297.00. If you are into toys, most toys in departmental stores are lower priced as compared to Singapore. If you like ice-cream, you pay 3 to 4 times lower for the same kind of quality you have in Singapore. I also pack chocolate and candies into a box for checking in. I can't imagine I bought 6kg of it after weighing the box at the airport.

Eisbein. One of my favourite dish in Germany. I had only half of it this trip and this one nearly broke my baby tooth. It's shaking now.

This restaurant serve very nice mushroom soup. Usually I order tomato suppen as they taste much better in Germany as compared to Singapore. 

Yes, this is curry chicken but Portuguese style. There is a stretch of Portuguese and Spanish restaurant near Voesetzen which is almost like Little Portugal or Little Spain. There are also many Italian restaurants in Germany. We also had Chinese and Korean food in Germany.

I paid only Euro 1.80 for the cheese cake and Euro 1.50 for the coffee. Total spent is Euro 3.30 for this simple lunch. 

Food to go. Sometimes we just like to dine in front of our work desk (computer).

The portion is huge that there was once I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It happened when I ate the first instalment before driving from Bremen to Leer, 2nd instalment upon reaching Leer and last instalment before I drove back to Bremen again. The curry on the left is actually soup, not gravy and it taste much better than I expected.


There are many vintage cars in Germany. It's only if your hands or the car is faster because I missed many of them. Here are some of them. The above looks like a Rover Mini.

This looks an Austin Mini to me. I am not a Mini expert but I just love how they look.

I used to hate the W123 when I was a kid because it looks ugly. Just recently, I love this edition of the E-Class predecessor. I was considering to buy one if I sell my current ride.

I always love Citroen but I am always too slow for the DS. This H Truck was park in the flea market (in fact, I met her twice in 2 flohmarkt) and it's an Espresso truck which serve coffee.

I was almost fooled by this Ford Crown (I think so) but this is Hamburg, not New York City.

My Kombie in red and it's getting rare in Singapore. 

This monster zoomed past me when I was standing in front of my hotel.

Fisker Karma. Oh my god, this is the first time I seen this car in flesh.

This is nothing special. Golf Plus, our ride for this year.


Wiking! I always tell myself to skip these but I simply cannot resist when so many of them are put together. I bought a car and some little people eventually.

I wanted this but the box is slightly damage. If I am paying so much for a "little" car, I need a good box.

I told myself to find the latest VW Beetle in Germany. I don't mind the size but I really mind the price. The tag just says no to my wallet.

I promised that I really wanted a Bruder especially the Land Rover (not featured here). The price in Singapore is way too much and you get a lot of plastic for this money. The size of the toy stopped me because I don't know how I am going to pack this into my luggage.

This is not expensive to buy but it is expensive to ship back to Singapore. I really want the brown one.


Bad luck on first flohmarkt I went to. It was raining so I took a taxi there because the Hauptbahnhof is a 5 minutes walking distance from my hotel.

Saw some old and slightly beaten up toys.

After walking for half an hour, I saw some light in the tunnel.

This stall has very beaten up toy cars with broken arms and legs. Luckily, the seller had some better condition cars which I pick them not from the junk box. I did a bundle sale and paid 50 Euro for around 7 cars (various sizes).

The next day, which is a Sunday, I went the 2nd flohmarkt of the first weekend.

Hurray. I did better because I paid 1 to 3 Euro per car here.

The 3rd one was near my hotel.

I thought I was going to get disappointed.

Then I found "gold", 6 pots in all. The price I paid for this thing is amazing low. I dirtied my hands and sweat a little while ramaging through the cars containers by containers. Total score at this stall is 15 cars. Wow.

The flohmarkt on my 2nd weekend in Hamburg are all so faraway from my hotel. I really had bad luck on this small flea market. I just found 2 Siku at $0.25 each.

The last flohmarkt I went is the largest one so far for this trip. I had a lot of hopes on this one.

 They sell vintage motorcycles as well.

I saw vintage tractor pedal car as well but I had really zero luck for this one. No toy cars!!! If you like to see the toy cars I bought and the shops I went to, tune in closely for my post on Germany 2012 part 2.

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