Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Proton Saga Iswara Taxi

I found a Proton Saga Iswara Taxi last week when I visited the usual flea market I frequent. The scale of the Proton should be approximate 1/20 when compared to the 1/35 Hyundai Sonata. It's a plastic model which is actually a coin bank rather than a toy. I have heard that one of the bank has given this as a gift some 20 years ago. I have been looking for this item and I know I have to get it when I saw it parked at one corner of a shelf.

It puzzles me as it has "The Singapore Taxi" decals on both sides of the car. We have never used a Proton as a taxi because our taxis in the 80s or 90s are either Nissan Cedric or Toyota Crown and Corona. Occasionally, you will encounter a Opel Omega Wagon, London cab or a Mercedes taxi. This coin bank must have been issued in the early 90s as it looked more like a Iswara rather than the earlier Saga. Red and White are used by TransCab but this company is only founded in 2004. Before 1994, we have only Yellow Top taxis, Blue Comfort taxis and White SMRT taxis. I figured that this is actually a Malaysian taxi as Malaysia has Red-White colour combination similar to this Proton taxi and Proton is Malaysia's National car.

The Taxi does comes with a registration number which is a Johore registration plate. I do not know if the previous owner custom his own decals onto the taxi. Although the taxi is play worn and has missing wing mirrors but it is a rare find. Anyone knows which bank issued this as a souvenir? Just like to know more of the history of this item.


  1. Julian,
    Cham here. this is issued in 1993 under Public Bank and offered in red color.

    So as THE STORE did offer it also in blue color.
    Hope it helps. year 1993 or 1994

    can't remember

    The windscreen either will have PBB or The store wrodings

  2. Hi Cham,

    Thanks for you reply.


  3. Hello julian, nice preview.. want to ask this car u want to sell?? How much?