Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bosz Creations Collector

I took a half day leave last Friday to replace the old side tempo on my car. The black has already faded to shades of gray some time ago but I did not realised it. It was when a friend asked me if I had change it to gray from black last year. I decided to contact Bosz Creations who done the tempo 6 years ago. I gave UK (the shop owner) a different art work this time and he did a marvellous job. It's actually better than the one I originally had. The old one had the yellow lettering "TURBO 130" as part of the decal but the new "TURBO 130" yellow accent was formed by the yellow background of my car.

While I was sitting in his shop, I saw boxes of Fujimi and Aoshima model kits on the shelves so I asked if he is a toy collector. UK told me that there is a cabinet full of cars beside the book shelf. I got excited, got up from my seat and sprung towards his collection.

The cabinet was filled up with Transformers, Choro-Q and some Tomica. UK customized a car park lot to park all his Choro-Q. This is the first time I encounter a collector who likes "Q-version" of toy cars. He also had all the huge Choro-Q as well. I also saw one big lot of Choro-Q Grandis on his desk so I asked if he is a Grandis fan. He told me that those are corporate gifts and the company has thrown lots of Choro-Q before UK salvaged them from being dumped as rubbish. I was thinking to include UK's card here but on second thought, better not so as not to attract any wrong attention. UK provide printing service, sticker, fabric customization, corporate gift, silkscreen and digital printing, vehicle advertisement and so on. He told me that if my friends are interested in the water base (if I remembered right) sheet used as decals for model kits, he can bring in one lot if there is interest generated. You can customize your own design and print using home printer. Anyone interested in UK's service can email me for his contact or you can google it on the net.

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