Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mercedes Gull Wings - New vs Old

When I know that Tomica is making the new SLS, I was excited because it's another foreign car which Tomica lack of in making them. Beside being a foreign car, the gull wings Mercedes has some placement in my heart. Somehow, I still have some reservations in new release these days. The photo of the car in the official website looks good but will it be another cost cutting model in the Tomica range. Being the first model of 2012, I hope that it will be a good one to start the year rolling.

I got this model last month and it's the most expensive current release Tomica I have paid in a shop during my stay in Hong Kong. I just bought one because I will wait for the "official release" in Singapore (they just did). First the good points, the car looks proportional, have a nice front grill and not so stiff suspension.

For some constructive criticism, I don't want to make it so negatively. I would say some suggestions to make it better. Could the car look a little nicer if it does without the crude ugly wing mirrors? The front of the car looks good until I see the super fat A-pillars, wow, horrendous. Moving to the side profile, the shut lines on the gull wing door has a lot of free play. The gap is a full millimetre which translate into 65mm in the real car. I am not asking for precision but this is a little too much when Majorette is able to produce tighter shut lines even when the material that puts it together is inferior to Tomica. Moving to the rear, there is no clear rear windows. Does it really cost a lot more comparing metal (or zinc alloy) to plastic resins?

Comparing new and old, I still love the classic Mercedes 300SL ever since I saw the real thing in Frankfurt airport last year (regardless of Tomica or the real car). Frankfurt airport was giving classic Mercedes as luck draw prizes last year. Will the new Tomica Mercedes SLS cause a buying frenzy like the Reventon last year? I think it will somehow as some crazy people will buy them out if stock are not replenish faster than the buying behaviour. I would hope Tomica to make a Ferrari after absence from the scene for more than 20 years. It will definitely create a buying frenzy especially if there is a first colour. I will and I know someone else out there will.

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