Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting Sini & Karina in Hong Kong

I was so delighted when I heard Sini and Karina are going to Hong Kong because I am going to Hong Kong too. These are not planned but more of a coincidence. They will be in Hong Kong for 10 days and my 5 days schedule falls just in the middle of theirs in February 2012. I can't imagine myself to stay in Hong Kong for 10 days because I will be broke by the 2nd day in Hong Kong and I will want to go home very much. Believe it or not, I been to Hong Kong for about 15 times but I never been to any tourist spots for sight seeing. No Disneyland, Ocean Park or the peak. Just Hong Kong island, Kowloon, Wanchai, Hung Hing, Ken's Garage, Toyzone, SOGO, Tung Chung and all the locations where my customer's offices are. I was actually late on our first appointment because we agree to meet in Lok Fu MTR at 1500hrs as I have made appointment with Ken of Ken's Garage that we come on 20th Feb (Monday). I touched down in Hong Kong at 1330hrs, reach my hotel in Wanchai at 1415hrs, some washing up and unpacking as I brought some little gifts for Sini. Ran out of my room towards the MTR at 1445hrs. Ken's Garage is now really not so convenient for me now. I will need to change 2 train lines from Wanchai station to Lok Fu. Luckily, Sini and Karina were still there and I apologies to them for being late for 20 minutes. We exchanged gifts (toy cars! what else?) and foodstuff from our countries before hailing down a cab to Ken's Garage. It took about 10 minutes from the MTR to Ken's location.

If you wanted to know if you are in the correct location. There are many garages (real working garages) or car workshops near Ken's Garage. Ken's Garage is in Fung Yu Industrial Building on the 10th floor. To our disappointment, Ken's Garage was closed! Luckily, a guy who I believe might be his partner is there to open the door for us. He wasn't expecting us as he is about to leave the shop. Anyway, he was kind enough to call Ken and Ken said that he thought that it was supposed to be Tuesday. Arrrggghhhh.... Ken Fung, why are you so muddle head! Joking, not angry, just a little disappointed as I wanted to introduce Sini to him.

This is the usual stuff where you might really like to enlarge my photo to scrutinise every car to see what Ken has to offer. Sorry, I have to re size the photo for quick uploading.

Did you realised that there are buses in Ken's Garage now? Almost a depot now.

Tomica Limited and some Tomica Gift Sets.

Sini preparing for a mass toy car massacre with a plastic bag. We had only ten minutes to pick what we want as Ken's partner needs to leave soon. We went to toy street after shopping with Ken's Garage.

I will skip all details at Hung Hing and other shops there. We were too busy fighting a war in toy street and we took a rest in the nearby KFC. This is where Sini started to enjoy the prizes he conquered. He was showing off a TLV Mazda truck to me and Karina. He told me that he collect anything that is Mazda mainly because one of his rides is a 20 year old Mazda 323. Now I know why he done many Mazda custom projects. Sini is a cartoonist, I don't know if that is the right word to use but I know he draws cartoons for newspaper and maybe some other projects as well. During his free time, he will do some toy car custom projects and also restoration on junk toy cars which he still find them worthwhile to rescue them for another new lease of life. I always think he is the master at this although he always tell me that there are people who has much better skills than him. Anyway, he is the best I have known so far. Some collectors in my region think that customs is giving the car a fresh coat of paint, swooping of wheels and adding of decals but Sini done more than just that. You may like to see Sini's work on his website, www.sinicars.at but please do not ask him to do customs for you because it is for his own interest only. We had so many things to talk but we had so little time. I had to be back to my hotel by 1930hrs and we agree to meet on 24th Feb, Friday, for a dim sum breakfast and last minute shopping opposite my hotel (which is Tai Yuan Street) just before I fly back to Singapore.

Friday came. We had dim sum at the restaurant just 4 units away from my hotel. That is the most convenient hotel (for toy car shopping) as compared to numerous hotels I have stayed so I will stick to the same one. Not to forget Karina, I also had a nice chat with this pretty lady as I am always worried if she will get bored when Sini and I are hunting for toys. She is very understanding and not many girls can tolerate their partner with this passion.

We had hours of chat that we forgotten that I had little time that day. We also talk about Jeff as well as I told Sini that Jeff hopes he can sit with 2 of us and we should have endless topics. Jeff, I hope to meet you one day as well.

Such a loving couple! After our breakfast, we did some shopping of toy cars before we bid good-bye. I really hate to say good bye to them. They are very nice people and I hope that I can see them again. I told Sini if they will come to Asia again, I will book a flight to meet them as long as my schedule or budget allows me. This should be the most meaningful Hong Kong trip as meeting a friend who I have known 3 years for the first time.
Back to Singapore, my room. I did not buy a lot of stuff this time as compared previously but my wallet was still broke somehow.

Finally found the Camry taxi and the Lancer EVO X police in Hong Kong. Bought multiples since we do not have it here in Singapore. Planning for next trip now.


  1. No comments? Great story and pictures, it's always nice to meet another fan!

    Mark L.

  2. Do Ken have contact number or email address?

  3. I am really interested to contact him, if he can send overseas? Thank you.