Sunday, July 24, 2011

Series #1 - Tomica Yellow Black Box

Have you ever think if the cars we collect are built according to their suggested scale? I do care if they did inform us its scale. For cars made by Zylmex, Playart or Mandarin, there isn't any scale indicated but they can be forgiven for the charm they exude. Not so for Hotwheels, sorry. Initially I started off with 12 Tomica including Dump Truck & commercial vehicles but I couldn't gather much information on their actual dimensions. Well, I have some reference books on 70s and 80s Japanese cars so I am able to continue on the cars. From 8 cars, I narrow down to 1 compact car, 1 sports coupe and 1 luxury flagship car of Toyota.

This little project is just a little fun so do not take it too seriously. I am just curious to find out if the dimensions are close to the actual ones. There will be definately errors in this test, human error (that's me) and accuracy of measuring equipment used. The digital gauge which I am using needs no calibration and it's not worth it. The calibration cost will kill me and it's more economical to buy new. This China made digital gauge shouldn't be too far off since we are not going into microns. A difference of 2% should be acceptable. I will leave the height out as it is quite tedious to take that measurement. If the length is within that 2%, I would say it's perfect. The width is a challenge at times as you do not know the reference point to measure.

Nissan Fairlady 240ZG, Scale: 1/60

Real Dimensions: 4305mm x 1690mm x 1285mm

Measured Dimensions: 72.34mm x 28.24mm

Blown-Up Dimensions: 4340mm x 1694mm

Percentage Difference: L (+0.81%), W (+0.24%)

Verdict: That's very close to the real thing!

Toyota Century, Scale: 1/66

Real Dimensions: 5120mm x 1890mm x 1450mm

Measured Dimensions: 75.35mm x 28.06mm

Blown-Up Dimensions: 4973mm x 1852mm

Percentage Difference: L (-2.87%), W(-2.01%)

Verdict: Should have been 1/68 instead

Datsun Cherry X-1, Scale: 1/58

Real Dimensions: 3610mm x 1470mm x 1380mm

Measured Dimensions: 62.30mm x 26.84mm

Blown-Up Dimensions: 3613mm x 1557mm

Percentage Difference: L (+0.08%), W(+5.92%)

Verdict: Might have taken wrong refernce point on width

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