Tuesday, July 12, 2011

China Edition Tomica

Tomica CN-01 Toyota Camry

Tomica CN-03 Mitsubishi Lanevo X

Tomica CN-06 Nissan Fairlady Z

Tomica CN-05 Nissan Fairlady Z

I do not understand is why there is a China edition Tomica. First of all, I hardly heard of any Chinese people collecting Tomica nor seen a toy car collector from China. China is rank almost last in my blog viewership and so is other blog I came across. Maybe my blog is not that well known. Secondly, why would parents want to spend more on a toy car for their children when there are so many unlicensed toys in China. Tomica costs much more in China than in Singapore. Takara Tomy should make Singapore edition Tomica instead starting from our Crown Comfort taxi. Who else besides Japan and Hong Kong uses Crown or Cedric for their taxi? It's us, Singapore! After that, they can work with some of our taxi operators who uses Honda Airwave, Freed, Fit, Toyota Axio, Estima, Camry and Prius.

How does the China version fare against the regular release? I can only agree that the Camry is a good effort. How often do you find a Camry in this size? It's also the first Camry by Tomica although the Camry name exist for almost 30 years.

What went right for the CN Tomica? Definately the size of the car. Don't you find that the current Tomica have put on some weight? They look fatter and rounder now and some of them look Majorette or even close to Siku size. If you don't agree, I guessed that you came to know Tomica when they are made in China and not Japan. Since the Tomica Nissan Juke, Tomica has been shrinking the size to what they used to be, a good sign for me. The CN version is right on track in the size department.

What went wrong for the CN Tomica? Almost everything except the size. The first thing newer Tomica collectors point out will be the lack of detailing in the front and rear of the CN version. I beg to differ. That is actually the least important. If the casting is really well made, you don't have to depend on decals. Looking at the 70s and 80s Tomica, which model has depend on that to identify itself for easy recognition? Although the CN version managed to shrink itself back to normal, the lines of these CN looks weird, so are the proportions especially the blue Lanevo. The paint used looked like they were done by Hotwheels. The worst of the lot is the white Fairlady, the white looked like the car was dipped into Nippon paint. The Chinese characters "跑车" means sports car. I don't that think nobody will really accent their Fairlady with that. The worst nightmare of these CN Tomica: They wobble when they are pushed. This is something I have never seen in a Tomica.

What I expect to see in future Tomica. Can you please improve on the axle if you are reading this? The Tomica since when they are made in China doesn't have the bouncy suspension like they used to have. The suspension of Tomica today are so firm that they bounce so artificially. I believe the axle used today is much thicker than those 30 years ago. It could be due to Tomica wanted to prevent wheels being easily bent like the Japanese ones or the material used in Japan and China is totally different.


  1. surely there arent many chinese viewers cuz somehow the blogspot was blocked in china O.o

  2. Thanks for the info and pictures!