Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yamato Toyota Delivery Van

My friends feedback to me that I been lazy to update my blog. Ok, I admit that. I shall post one of my favourite vehicles in Japan then. The Yamato Delivery Van. This adorable delivery van (to me) never fail to turn my head whenever I am in Japan. There are many courier service vehicles in Japan and most of them are using striking colours and animals as their trademark. One of the vehicles used by Yamato is actually a Toyota van with colour combinations of cyan and beige. Their "mascot" is a black cat ferrying a black kitten with its mouth. What does Yamato has to do with diecast or Tomica? They do make "Not-For-Sale" toy vehicles of the fleet they own too. To own a complete set of collection, you will have to get all 6 of them which includes 1 long container truck, 2 vans and 3 high roof trucks. I have been pondering if to buy them in Yahoo Japan auction where I usually get my stuff from. This van featuring here has been in my collection for almost 10 years and finally here for the world to see.

This is not from Tomica but from Yamato. It should be Yamato own casting although Tomica do have a Toyota Fruit Delivery van but Tomica van is a little smaller. The base says "Yamato" supporting that they are capable of making toy cars too but of course on a much smaller scale of just 6 models.

Van has left front door that open and rear gate opens too.

Do hope you enjoy this issue. I am planning to do a mega toy car comparo which I hope to totally leave it to the public to decide. Planning to have that done in October.

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