Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I bought in Hong Kong

Regular Tomica plus 2 special issues

First time bought more than 5 TLV

JUSCO Honda Civic set, heard it's hot item.

Domestic Series Tomica. Sold 4 of the above pcs above to my friends by the time I posted this.

Foreign Series Tomica, one Power Tomica, 3 Matchbox Superfast and 1 Polistil RJ Series

Limited Edition of 3000pcs Tomica, sold almost all to my group of Tomica collector friends as they like them very much. Why I sell my purchases? As long as my friends know how to appreciate them, why not? It's fun to share and in the mean time stop myself from spending too much on Tomica or toy cars. My room cannot hold so many of them.

Many empty Tomica boxes I got for my loose Tomica

Managed to paired up 14 cars out of the many boxes

Tecology Tomica, bought a total of 8 pcs

Tomica Town Set - 7-11 Convenience Store

That's all, folks. Most of the purchases are here.


  1. Nice! i like the orange truck with white roof!

  2. Do you want it? I can ask my friend if he is letting go... haha... he bought one too

  3. Hey Julian, could you let me know where you can find the empty boxes? I have some that I'd like to match up with.

  4. Looks like a great trip! I enjoy your blog –I've collected Tomica since 1979. Not too much for me lately but I like to see what's new. The "hunt" is often the most fun!

  5. Yes, I want to ask about empty boxes too .
    It is reproduction one ?

  6. Hi! Would you consider selling the 7-11 set? contact me vonziez2yahoo.com