Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited, & Macau

I have been toying the idea to bring my friends to Hong Kong for toy car hunting since last year. As I frequently visit Hong Kong 3 to 4 times per year and somewhat familiar there (within Hong Kong island only), I think it will good for me to bring my friends to see the toy car shops there and also Ken's Garage. As Hong Kong is nearer as compared to Japan, flight only requires 3hrs 30 mins and lesser days of leave required as you can visit all the key collectors shops within a day. The air fare is lower too, $270.00 by Tiger Airways vs $1200.00++ by Singapore Airlines to Tokyo which we took back in May this year, saving of almost $1000.00. Planning to do another trip to Japan next year during their swap meet and hope that can visit Japan twice in 2011. I can help my group of friends to buy their "wants" & "needs" since my group has expanded to a good size and we have regular meet up. This time, I managed to arrange a trip with Aaron and Pooh. I wanted Pooh to go Hong Kong as a start first because the cost is lower, then we can bring him to Japan hopefully next year. I just want to convince him why I say he is buying rubbish by looking at the toy car scene out of Singapore and Malaysia (which is his main hunting ground). I told him that there is nothing to buy at all locally so I hardly buy anything in Singapore. Most of my collection comes from my overseas trips, eBay, Yahoo Japan etc. I might be doing an interview with Pooh soon because he is one of the more successful example of my inception. Some people who know him might be surprised with his collection as those who started slightly earlier than him are still marching on the same spot on their Tomica buying pattern. If you think his premium collection started from this trip, then you are wrong, he got his stuff from a collector who is letting go of his collections. I will try to convince him to let me do an interview soon.

We are at the budget terminal, it's early morning around 530am but Pooh is very energetic!

Ken pick us up from the airport to our hotel.

Ken's Lightning Blue Honda Spike. Spacious enough for all our luggages.
Ken helping us with our luggage.

Showing the way to Aaron and Pooh direction of Ken's Garage. Met Ken's father (not in video) on the way and have a short chat because my Cantonese is only slightly better than my Japanese (by the way, I don't know Japanese so you know what I mean)

Pooh Bear posing in front of Ken's Garage

Pooh asked me if this is how I buy? I told him that he can do the same now.

Pooh starting his digging of treasures.

Taking video in Ken's shop to show you what Ken has to offer. He sold most of the more wanted items which I might like as it's 20 days after his trip to Tokyo when I visited. Took Pooh and Ken's video by accident, look at Pooh's expression towards the end. Priceless. Ken's Garage happens to be the most reasonable price shop if you are looking for Tomica.

Showing Aaron an Pooh the direction to Hung Hing

Toy Kingdom in Macau, good for Singapore collectors who visit China Square and good for Children too.

Macau's best model car shop will be Tong's who has collection of 1/18, 1/43 and one cabinet of Tomica. You can also have coffee at his shop as it is a cafe model shop. Mr. and Mrs. Tong are running this shop together. If you are in Macau, you can pop by this shop.

Pooh bought some cars and town set here while I bought a TLV.

The trip is a good one for my friend, Pooh. Not so much for myself as I did not buy much Tomica this trip. Surprising, we spend the most in Toyzone followed by Ken's Garage and lastly Hung Hing. Pooh has agreed that Singapore has really nothing to buy as compared to Hong Kong. Our plan for Pooh is Japan next year. I will post some of the stuff I bought in Hong Kong soon.


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  2. Hi there... i'm a avid collector of tomica and would like to know where is tong's model shop in macau thanks.

  3. Hi ziheng6789, where r u from?
    Rua de S. Paulo, No47a. Edif. Weng San R/C Macau

  4. Hi gogotomica i'm a singaporean. and btw thanks for giving me the address

  5. Hi Ziheng,
    Do you have email or msn? I might be going too

  6. Hi gogotomica my email is ziheng6789@hotmail.com and can u show me the map of location of tong's model shop i might be going there next year in macau

  7. hello there, can you provide me the full address for both HK & Macau? i will book an Air Asia cheap ticket and fly there one of these days. my name is jason heng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the way. please mail to (hengyanhan@gmail.com)



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