Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Cars I bought in Tokyo 2014

 I bought many cars during my recent trip to Tokyo. I am unable to show all of them to you so I will pick them randomly to feature them here. Just to share with you guys.

 This is the most expensive set I bought this trip. Been wanting to buy this long ago but no luck. Have to pay a high price for this set. There is a Tomica Nissan Tiida / Latio after all. Latio drivers in Singapore, just to share, not selling at all.

 Cannot resist the charm of a Dandy truck. 2nd most expensive item for the trip.

 3rd most expensive is a Diapet Toyota Corona wagon. Very rare as I hardly see one on any auction.

 I love collecting Corolla so this is a must buy for me.

 Diapet Honda Prelude (1st gen) is common but not this colour variant. Most common you see is either gold, red or yellow.

 I drive a Daihatsu YRV Turbo so getting this 1st gen Charade is pretty cool for me. The colour is the same as my YRV too.

 Diapet Lamborghini, pretty reasonable price so I have to buy it.

 Dandy Jaguar. Price is reasonable so I add it instantly into my shopping cart.

 Tomica Limited Vintage Neo, 1st time in 1/43 scale. The price is hard to resist and I do love this Gloria very much.

1960 model of a Prince Skyline patrol car by Fine.

 Toyota flagship model, the Century.

 USSR Taxi from the 70s. Pretty hard to come by today and good price too.

 Another Russian toy car, a nice panel van.

 Mebetoys Mercedes Benz 250 Coupe. Thought that it is 680yen but only shock to find out that the price is 6800yen after checking it in hotel. Price is market price so I didn't really overpaid for it. Nice addition to my Mercedes collection.

 I love Schuco in 1/66 and 1/43. These are 1/43 scale Mercedes Benz 350SE. I really love that German taxi of the Mercedes lot.

 Loose mint Diapet Kenmeri Skyline. Gonna check if I have a empty box for it.

 Loose mint Toyota Crown. Diapet cars are really nice.

 Late 60s or probably early 70s Majorette truck. Not mint but very hard to see one these days.

 Tomica Cadillac Seville. Got this one finally.

 Tomica Toyota Century. Got a black and a red, now a silver to add to my collection.

 Tomica Nissan Skyline Hakosuka. I had one of this car during my childhood. It was totally badly beaten up and was thrown away. Now I got a mint one.

 Tomica Mitsubishi Fuso Truck.

 Tomica Renault Alpine. I traded in for this Renault with my Subaru Redbull BRZ for this.

 Mr. Craft Tomica Lancia Stratos. Although a China made variant, this is one of the nicest Stratos variant available.

 Tomica Hino Dump truck. Price is dear but worth every cent of it.

 Tomica Super Wing series. I would say this is a steal among my purchase.

 I don't really agree with the build quality of this Beetle but the GCG version is pretty cool.

 Guisval Renault 12 wagon. I bought quite a number of these Spanish cars and this is one of my favourite.

 Another Guisval I like to share. Simca 1200.

Konami Toyota Vitz. First time seeing this, pretty neat because the car has a opening hood and it has suspension too like Tomica.

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