Monday, December 29, 2014

Redbull Subaru BRZ by Go! Go! Tomica

Dear friends, 2014 is coming to an end and I like to make this opportunity to thank all of you who supported me on my first Tomica "dream" project. This project has set me a few grand poorer but thanks to you guys who help to minimise my cost to realise this dream.

I have passed 2 of my BRZ to a friend in Japan recently. I asked him to help me list my BRZ in Yahoo Japan. I wanted to see how much my BRZ will fetch in Japan's market and hopefully I can make some money to cover my cost if possible. To my surprise, the 2 BRZ fetch much higher than what I have expected. The 2 pcs was sold at 20,010 yen per piece.

Coincidentally, another friend in Japan listed his spare car on the same day as mine. His unit fetch 20,510yen. He scored well too and I was happy for him. I just like to share this piece of good news with friends who bought the cars from me. Thank you once again for your support. Deeply appreciated. Have a good new year ahead.

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