Friday, June 6, 2014

Germany 2014

We would fly to Hamburg directly usually but this is the first time we fly direct to Bremen instead. On the second day in Bremen, we went to Hertz to collect our rental vehicle as our transport for the next few days. This should be the largest car I had driven in Germany to date. It's a Ford Mondeo Wagon in its latest incarnation. According to the Hertz guy who served us, it's brand new.

There is a park in Bremen where we need to cross before going to our usual restaurant we patronize frequently. I have seen a nest of rabbits some years back and have been looking for them whenever I walk past this park. They will come out of their hideout at night to hunt for food and years after, I found them again. Although just a few spotted but I am glad that they are still around. I can't get close as I don't want to startle them.

Walking past the park towards our hotel, 3 ducks are walking on the pavement. They walk towards me and stop in front of me. They are so adorable and they are not afraid of people.

We went to Leer from Bremen. Leer is a small town located in North-western Germany and it is at the border of The Netherlands. It is a beautiful town with architectures almost fairy-tale-like looking, although not as fairy tale like houses in Prague but I am delighted to be in Leer.

See what I meant, we don't see these kind of houses in Singapore.

Our final destination was Hamburg, but before we travel to Hamburg, we drove to Buxtehude from Bremen. After visiting the one and only customer in Buxtehude, we stopped by a restaurant for our lunch.

This is the restaurant where we parked our vehicle. I had pork cutlet as usual because in Germany, pork is consumed widely. It is safe for you to know Schnitzer or pommes frites with mayo if you speak no German. Most restaurants in Germany do not have a English menu or speak English unless you are in a populous city like Hamburg.

Weekend arrived and I went to just one floh-markt because I don't want to go through the hassle of travelling far and found that there is nothing for me (but junks) and went back empty handed. I went to the usual one in St. Pauli since I know there is a regular seller with many toy cars. Not this stall above, happens to be another stall manned by father and son.

Went to meet up with a friend, he showed me something "rare" which I agree is rare for the display case. He gave me a ladder to climb as it is hidden somewhere high up. Eidai Grip, I need one car in that display!

Greeted me with trays of cars as usual, this time no Matchboxes, no Siku, mainly Majorettes. Got quite a number of Majorette this time.

Sunday arrived and I skipped all the flea markets because they are simply too far from my hotel. I went to Miniatur Wunderland for the 3rd or 4th time, can't remember though.

Impressive as usual whenever I am there. Bought many HO scale cars there too from their resident shop because it's cheaper by a few fold compared to retail.

This is something new for me, Automuseum Prototyp where you see old prototype cars you never seen before.

This car looks way ahead of its time, a 1939 Porsche Typ 64 "Berlin-Rom-Wagen".

1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS. Most of the cars in the museum are either a Porsche or a VW. Great for enthusiast who are into classic cars. That's all folks, a very simple and short summary of my German trip.

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