Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tomica Jaguar XJ-S & Audi 5000

Received one lot of cars the other day and found 2 Tomica copies which is similar to the Tomica Jaguar XJ-S and Audi 5000.

Not too sure what are these brands are but it might be Faie. These are exact casting of Tomica although the brown Jag might look a little bigger and taller. The real stuff has a flat metal base with smaller set of wheels while the clone has a concave plastic base with a bigger set of rims.

This imitation green Audi is rear wheels drive as it has a motorized pull back motor under its rear wheels. This is the one and only Audi in the Tomica range and soon, an A1 will join this 5000. If you are asking me why am I collecting these. I used to have one of these cars but it's a late 70s Bluebird model. I had a dollar and I bought it in a small shop selling newspapers, magazine, candies and toys. I patronised the shop frequently and it is also one of the places where I bought all my $1.00 cars. The Bluebird that I had was completed with rubber tyres. It shares the same casting as the Tomica Bluebird but it's made in Hong Kong. Tomica Bluebird is red (as I had one then) while the imitation is coloured in magenta. I am still looking for this Bluebird although I didn't really like it when I was a kid. I didn't like it because it had rubber tyres. I can't spin or skid my car. That's why!

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