Monday, April 8, 2013

How The Tomica Civic FN2 Type R Should Be

There are 2 Type R in the Tomica range both labelled as Tomica number #54. The FD is a Japanese domestic model while the FN is made in the United Kingdom. There are lots of expectation (from me) when Tomica released the FN (replacing the FD) some time back. To my horror, they produced some model which I do not want to show here. Given another chance, how should the Tomica FN2 look then?

Since the FN is made in the United Kingdom, I have managed to get my hands on this once British but now owned by its American arch rivals. Perhaps they have a better idea how should a Anglo-Japanese car should look and this car was given a make over.

The Original Tomica has a scale of 1/68 and this Tweet Tomica is marginally larger than its FD counterpart at 1/61. In order to further improve on the canary yellow FN2, shrinking it down to 1/63 should perfect it. Replace the front tempo head light with plastics, nice. Give it some suspension, awesome. 

The rear looks nice but seems a little carried away. What this car prove to the original Tomica is, you do not need any opening parts to look nice. The Tomica of 2013 has new strategies in cost cutting started some time ago in some models which I will cover that in 2nd half of the year. A little disappointed but what can we do? We still buy them anyway.

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