Friday, January 25, 2013

My Favourite / Best Tomica Poll For Week 1

Sorry for taking a long time to announce the results. This is results of week 1 for this 3 weeks My Best / Favourite Tomica poll held between 6th to 25th January. I will stop accepting votes once the clock hits midnight later. I like to thank all friends and readers of my humble blog for your contributions. I will announce the results of the poll plus my own version of Best Tomica of 2012 this Sunday on the 27th January. If you have voted between 6th~12th January 2013, here is the results for week 1.

No. 1 Spot For Week 1: Honda CR-V

This is actually a surprise to me for the CR-V to take the number 1 spot but there are 2 weeks more to go so anything could happen.

No. 2 Spot For Week 1: Toyota FT-86

Not surprising. Let's see if the 86 can hang on to top 3 spots.

No. 3 Spot For Week 1: Lexus IS F

Another nice car in the top 3 spots.

Now you have seen the top 3 of week 1 but keep in mind that the first week is a slow week and it only comprises 20% of the total votes. Final results will be revealed in 2 days times. Stay tuned.

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