Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Philippines

Dear Friends in The Philippines,

As I will be traveling to Manila and Makati City in March, I would appreciate if you can advise which is the best hotel to recommend in terms of convenience and comfort. Preferably 4 or 5 stars if budget allows. I would also appreciate your advice as well what are the things to look out for during my stay as this is the first time visiting Philippines. I can't say it will be a 100% firm to go but everything should be finalised by February. I am the type of person who like to plan ahead when it comes to traveling and I need to submit my proposal early for approval. If any Tomica fans like to meet me, I will try to arrange a time in the evening near the hotel as I will have a heavy schedule during the day time.

Thank you & Regards,


  1. Hi,

    Great to hear that you will be visiting the Philippines! I would not be able to provide you with information regarding where to stay but I have given my colleagues at www.DCPH.info a heads up about your plan to visit, I am pretty sure someone can help you.

    Charles "TheRealGon" Gonzales

  2. Hi Charles,

    Thank you. Appreciated it.

  3. Greetings from America,

    There are many malls where you can find Tomica. Whenever I go to the Philippines with my family, we always go to SM City Malls and Department Stores. They're almost everywhere in Manila, and in major cities in the Philippines, as well as in China, too! Well, other places where you can find Tomica is the Shangri-La Mall/Plaza, Robinsons Mall, and Market! Market!, and, one of the Best, SM Mall of Asia. That is the s**t, other being in SM Megamall in Pasig City, which is in the Metro Manila Area. Inside the SM Malls, the main store where you can buy Tomica is Toy Kingdom and/or the Toy Kingdom Express department in the SM Department stores throughout Metro Manila. Other Places where you can buy Tomica is Toys R Us, which are located inside Malls or in the Robinsons Department Store inside the Robinsons Mall Manila. Well, wherever there's a Mall, and there's a famous toy store (Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Kidz Station in Shangri-La Mall and others.), there's Tomica.
    PS: Can you video tape the Tomica Section in the Toy Kingdom store in SM Megamall? On my last trip to Manila, I never got to take a step on that store because of it's size, and maybe a little time going through the mall. But post the video in YouTube. I will be pleased to see the store.